Best Things To Do While Listening To Your Favorite Music

Music is a wonderful medium that is exceptionally diverse, which means there are lots of activities you can engage in while listening to it. Below is a list of the best things to do while listening to music on your headphones.

Cook A Meal

One way to make meal preparation more exciting is to listen to music while doing it. The melody can make the process less tedious and depending on the type of music you’re listening to might give you the energy to work at a faster pace.

Driving Or Traveling

A lot of people listen to music while driving, especially when they’re the only passenger. You can play your favorite songs while going to school, work or on a business or cross country trip. If you’re traveling with a group that is into the same music you can also sing along. Listening to music can also be great on trains, airplanes or buses so long as your headphones are noise cancelling so they don’t disturb those sitting nearby.


This is arguably one of the best activities for those that are working out. Listening to high energy music will fuel your adrenaline and give you the encouragement to push yourself harder, especially when performing aerobics. However, it is best played alone rather than in a public gym as others may not enjoy it.

Creating Artwork

Those who are artistically minded can listen to music while drawing, painting, or creating CGI (Computer Graphics Imagery) on their computer. Music will enhance your senses, engage multiple parts of your brain and make the activity more exciting.

Cleaning and Chores

Most people aren’t thrilled about the prospect of doing chores and housecleaning, but listening to the right music is the best way to liven up an otherwise boring activity. 

However, you should avoid listening to music if you’re a professional cleaner working with a team as it will interfere with communication, and you should not wear headphones while doing yard work because you won’t be able to hear what’s going on around you.


Music can work for studying so long as you’re listening to the right type. Studying requires concentration, and lyrical musical that includes singing or rapping might disrupt your thoughts. This is why many experts recommend voiceless music that is relaxing as it will put you at ease without interfering with your concentration or thought process, and active noise cancellation will filter out unwanted sounds.

Playing Board Games

The right kind of music can be used to great effect when playing board games such as Chess, Monopoly, GO, Checkers or Scrabble, but since most board games are played with at least two people you want to be sure that the other players share similar musical tastes. Music isn’t needed for most video or computer games since they usually come with their own soundtracks by default.

While Bathing

Some people like to listen to music while showering or bathing. It can set the right mood when you’re about to become romantic with a partner and is also a great way to relax and unwind after a long day and prior to going to bed.

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