Choosing The Right Headphones For Music Production

The real audio mixing happens with the aid of professional headphones for music production and an active monitor. Interestingly, some people simply rely on the headphones alone and may end up getting disappointed. The reasoning could be due to poor quality devices or not paying close attention to the features. The thing is, just the headphones cannot do anything better if you have picked up the poor quality ones. Here’s how you can choose the most ideal pair for any kind of music production so as to achieve optimal results.

Check for Comfort

Musicians can go on the track of audio mixing for hours on end regardless of how uncomfortable their ears could feel throughout the entire session. If you are looking to stay as comfortable as possible so you can focus on making great music, check the comfort level that you can achieve in the high-quality headphones. Check the sturdiness of the headband, the softness of the earpads, check for sweat protection properties, and the weight of the product.

Open or Closed Back

Apart from the comfort level, you also want a pair of headphones that offers the features for the kind of application you are using them for. The two main types of headphones are the open and closed back. Below are the attributes of each type:

  • Open-Back
    • Extra comfort
    • Natural sound
    • For long hours of mixing
    • Less sweating
  • Closed-Back
    • Detailed sound clarity
    • Blocks background noise to prevent interruption
    • Best bass quality
    • Comfort for shorter sessions

Wireless Use

Consumers are always recommended to invest once and invest wise. This means that we need to only invest in a certain product once if we do it wisely so we get to save money in the long run. The people of the industry would mostly recommend the wireless headphones which provide greater convenience without all the cables getting in the way. The wireless headphones were invented especially for this reason and down the road, you will get to realize the process even more. The portability of wireless headphones also means that transporting and traveling become a breezy affair.

Match with Monitor Quality

The quality of the new headphones should be able to stay on par if not exceed the quality of your monitor. This setup will enable you to produce quality music without any feedback or interruption. Most often than not, the problem lies with the monitor but it is much more cost-effective to replace the headphones instead. Hence, always ensure that the new headphones are of a certain quality that you know will match your monitor.

Consider Options from People

The music industry is made up of experienced professionals who have gone through many hurdles and obstacles during their music production journey. You can consider what they have to recommend when it comes to professional headphones. With so much background in music, they know what to expect from quality headphones that serve the purpose of their application, whether it is mixing, recording, or production. This first-hand recommendation can help you secure some of the best models in the market.

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