Headphones Vs. Speakers Gaming: Which One Is Better?

Building up your first gaming setup can be a pricey endeavor and you may be forced to choose between different options for your audio device. However, it can be hard to truly decide on headphones or speakers unless you try the best products from both categories. This is why our team of audio experts here at Haymaker have gathered to weigh the pros and cons of both options to give you a breakdown of which you should get for your unique needs.

Gaming Speakers

If you have a big space to yourself and decent soundproofing in your walls, speakers are definitely an appealing choice. Many speakers have surround sound speaker systems that can really elevate the feel of your atmospheric or open-world styled games by creating a truly immersive experience.

However, the first advantage that we would like to highlight is that there is no fatigue to speakers for people who game for long hours. There are definitely extremely comfortable headphones out in the market, however, if you are going to game for multiple hours at a time, the headphone cups and clamp will get uncomfortable, and even unbearable. Even if you are able to tolerate them, it is important to let your ears and head rest from the pressure every couple of hours.

The next would definitely be that with speakers, you can get a true authentic surround sound. If you choose to invest in a set of speakers with surround sound configuration, you will definitely be able to have a truly immersive experience. In fact, you will even have an added advantage for games that support surround sound systems.

The last benefit is the add-on to the previous where speakers will truly allow you to feel like you are within the game. This is because speakers will give you a more realistic experience where you feel situated in the context that you are playing in as opposed to having everything happening in your head.


For people who enjoy multiplayer games, or have multi-person living circumstances, speakers might not the be best choice. In fact, the first advantage of headphones that we would like to highlight is the option to have sound isolation. This means that you can play with the volume at any level without having to worry about bothering anyone else. 

On top of this, headphones will give you more privacy if you are playing multiplayer games where you can converse with other people in the game. In fact, they might be better option as the microphone you use to talk may pick up on music from the speakers, creating an echo for your friends in the game.

The next advantage to headphones is that they are portable. If you are someone who likes to game on the go or would prefer an audio setup that is multifunctional, headphones will allow you to simply connect and start to enjoy amazing sound anywhere. In fact, when made with quality materials, your headphones can also be a sleek accessory to flaunt in your outfit.

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