How Can I Get High-Quality Music?

If you want the best digital music experience possible or at least better-quality music than you’re used to, high-resolution audio may be worth checking out. Hi-res audio files are usually of higher quality than the compressed digital audio we hear on Spotify, iTunes, and other audio streaming services. These audio files also come much closer to capturing the essence and all the details of the original performance. High-resolution audio files are slightly larger because they retain all the information from the original recording, so they will occupy more space on your hard drive and require higher bandwidth for streaming. A few of the best places to find hi-res music online include HDtracks, Acoustic Sounds, HighResAudio, and iTrax. There is a large variety of devices that can play hi-res music, such as smartphones, portable music players, desktops, and DACs. To ultimately enhance your hi-res audio experience, try matching your device with a high-quality pair of headphones.

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