How to choose the right Gaming Headphone for you.

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Gaming headphones and headsets do not lack in choices. It is a crowded market offering lots of options.  To narrow your search, start listing the things that are important to you, what are key traits that you desire in your next pair?

What Do You Desire in Your Next Set?

 Think about what annoyed you about your previous set, how would you like to see that improved in your future pair? How will you use them primarily, do you game on a console, mobile, pc or all of the above? If you want a pair compatible for use on all above it will be a very short list, because very few brands offer headphones compatible for all consoles. If you want a pair specifically for a certain console, then you will need to continue to list attributes you desire.

 Consider Comfort. Whether You Are a Weekend Warrior or a Professional.

Comfort plays a big role, especially if you are the type who spends hours a day dominating Fortnight, you might want to consider something known to be very comfortable for long play sessions. Do you wear glasses? Very few brands take into consideration comfort with glasses or perhaps a person with earing’s, large ears or even gauged ears. Finding a set that truly caters to those need while delivering extreme comfort will also short list your options. But these are things to consider for sure when investing in a new set.

Communication is Key!

 Don’t kid yourself, not all microphones are created equal! As a gamer, we all have grown accustomed to seeing gaming headphones with Boom Microphones for chat / communications. So that became the norm and the assumption that that was what is “Needed” on a gaming headset. But is it really needed? I know it may come as a shock to some, but NO, you don’t need specifically a boom mic to have good communication. The thing a lot of gamers don’t realize is that often times boom microphones are not anything other that a .50 cent microphone with an extension to get close to your mouth. So often times they really don’t sound great. Little do many know, but microphones that are integrated into the speaker frame and are not even exposed can have just as good if not better communication. Have you ever noticed how streamers use standalone microphones? Why is that? Because that standalone microphone is far superior to what comes in most all gaming headphones. But that doesn’t mean that all mics on gaming headphones are bad.Lots to think about when it comes to the microphones. It is strongly encouraged that you guys take a look at the technical specifications of the microphone or plural “microphones”. Seldomly do gaming headphones come with more than (1) microphone, but some do come with (2) microphones. If communication is important to you, you might take a look at the companies who include more than 1 microphone. I can assure you, if a company starts off right out the gate with 2 microphones, they are focused on delivering an excellent experience and great communication.

 What Makes a Gaming Headset Durable, What to Consider?

 Durability is an aspect that should never be overlooked when considering your next investment. Especially if you are one of those gamers who can get destructive with a loss! It’s not uncommon to see gaming headsets primarily if not completely composed out of plastic. This is very normal. Normal because customers desire light weight and relatively inexpensive headphones. In order to make a headphone both flexible and light weight, it almost has to be made out of an injection molded plastic. But that doesn’t mean it has to be cheap highly breakable plastic. Not all plastics are created equal either. Some break easily and some are rather difficult to break. The type of plastic to look for that is durable is called PM90. What you need to pay attention to when looking for the right set for you is, what kinds of materials are used in the construction of the headphone? Is it completely made of plastic, does it have steel in it, composites, what is it’s actual make up?The cheapest brands will build completely out of plastic but will also be most likely to fail in a short period of time. If you see companies using aluminum, be aware that that will enhance weight and some durability. But don’t be fooled into thinking that aluminum is higher quality. Aluminum as a resource is just as abundant as plastic and just as inexpensive to manufacture with. Having aluminum parts is NOT a reason to think a headset is higher quality or worth more money. However, when a company starts to use less abundant resources because it’s fact that these resources will improve durability, start paying attention. Resources like stainless steel, or sprung stainless steel, pay attention to those guys because durability is clearly a focus for them.

 In Conclusion.

 What it boils down to is what is important to you. How you find the right set for you comes down to your needs, your budget and your desires. There are lots of great headphones out there that will serve you well. Always remember to do you due diligence. Do your research. Read reviews, see what people are saying, and never be afraid to ask questions! The right set is out there, now you just have to go find it! 

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