How To Comfortably Wear Headphones With Glasses

It doesn’t matter if you own the best sounding headphones if they don’t feel comfortable while you are wearing it. For people who need to wear glasses, using headphones for a longer time can lead to developing a throbbing headache or sore temples. Read on to learn more about how to comfortably wear your headphones with glasses!

Lift The Arms of Your Glasses Above The Headphones

If you don’t mind looking a bit dorky or if it doesn’t affect your glass’s magnification, you can try this method. Lift the arms of your glasses so it is not pressed against the headphones. You first wear your over-ear headphones, then put on the glasses in a way that is tilted slightly upwards in the back. If you cannot see clearly with this method, you should try the other methods instead. 

Adjust The Clamping Force 

The clamping force of a headphone determines how a pair of headphones will feel against your face. A headphone with strong clamping force will exert pressure on the sides of your head. If you use one like these together with your glasses, you will experience even greater pressure. This is due to the arms of your glasses digging into your skull which becomes painful after a few minutes.

Use a Piece of Tissue 

If you can’t adjust your headphone’s clamp, try to slide a piece of tissue between your head and frame of your glasses. This is a quick way to prevent your glasses from digging into your head when there is pressure exerted by the headphones. Wear your headphones then your glasses and then take a tissue and fold it into a small enough size to insert it between your head and the temple. Just do this for both sides so you can wear your headphones with glasses for a longer time. 

Pad The Temple Covers

You might think that using a tissue would look strange if you are out in public. So, temple covers are a great alternative option to using a tissue. There are many different types of temple pads such as rubber, plastic or foam temple covers. Foam temple covers are good because they absorb pressure when it is exerted on them. 

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