How To Connect All Types Of Headphones To A TV

The modern television has experienced huge waves of changes. With better resolution and internet-powered abilities, the new TV tech is the dream of people from the past. But now, there are fewer physical connections for televisions. It can be troublesome for people who like the ease of plugging in and connecting a pair of headphones to their televisions. But not all is lost. Even if your new TV does not have audio outputs, you can still connect your headphones to the TV. Read on to learn more about how to connect all types of headphones to a TV!

Using Adapters 

Connecting using an adapter will require you to identify what kind of audio output your TV has. There will be one on the back or side of the TV. Newer TVs are trickier as manufacturers have dropped the analog outputs for digital optical ones. The output looks like a small square-shaped door outlines in a bright red light. You will need to use a digital-to-analog converter. You can plug in a 3.5mm headphone jack and also convert the audio output to the right format to play in your headphones. You will also need a headphone extension cable. 

Using External Audio Devices

When you use devices like A/V receivers or external speakers, you have an accessible connection to plug in your headphones. This is true when you have multiple source devices. You can check the hardware to see if there is a headphone output. Or you can choose to use an output-adapter setup. Most A/V receivers will have a headphone input in the front, so you only need a simple adapter. 

Using Wireless Connection 

For many users, wireless headphones can be much more convenient for a living room setup which is a huge benefit. 

TV Bluetooth Streaming 

TVs are now increasingly adding Bluetooth streaming as one of the key features. You can check to see if your TV supports Bluetooth if you own a pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can find this information in the audio section of the settings. If your TV supports Bluetooth, you can just set your headphones to pairing mode, then follow the instructions to get everything set up. 

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