How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Switch

Since it was released in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has the capability of Bluetooth connectivity and it has even been used for connecting wireless controllers. With the recent update, we can now use it with the best wireless headphones around. The setup process no longer needs a wireless adapter like it used to. Your headphones must still be compatible with the Switch so that it can work well. There are a few methods to connect your Bluetooth headphones to a Switch. Read on to learn more about them!

How To Pair Headphones to Switch Using Bluetooth

With the new 13.0.0 update, you can pair your favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones directly to the Switch, Switch OLED or Switch Lite without requiring an adapter. 

These are the steps: 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Scroll to Bluetooth Audio 
  • Click on Pair Device 
  • Turn on the pairing mode on your headphones
  • Place headphones near the Switch 
  • Choose your headphones when they appear on the screen 
  • Press OK 

Now you are ready to go, free of cables and wires. If you still have problems pairing your headphones, maybe they do not work with the Switch. If you use an adapter, it might allow them to work with the console. Read on to learn how to use them. 

How To Use Bluetooth Headphones Via USB-C Port 

Here is how to go about using your bluetooh headphones via USB-C Port. 

These are the steps you can follow for pairing in handheld mode: 

  • Connect the GuliKit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter into the USB-C port that is located on the bottom of the Nintendo Switch.
  • Turn on the Switch. The adapter will not work if the Switch is off or in standby mode.
  • Press either the A or B button on the GuliKit for three seconds until you see a white light blinking quickly beneath it. 
  • Follow the instructions for your Bluetooth headphones and set them to the pairing status. 
  • Put the GuliKit and headphones near each other until it is paired. 
  • The GuliKit’s white light will become constant when the pairing is successful. 
  • Now you can play your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode without worrying about the cables. 

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