How To Correctly Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Your PC

Are you struggling to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PC? Have you tried multiple times, only to find that they don’t work? Don’t worry! There are plenty of reasons why this could be the case, and if you’re willing to look into them, it will become much easier to connect your Bluetooth headphones in the future. This article will give you the knowledge you need to successfully connect your Bluetooth headphones to your PC in no time!

Make Sure Your Computer Has Bluetooth

If you don’t have a computer with Bluetooth capabilities, you’ll need to purchase an external Bluetooth dongle. You can find one at any electronics store or online. Make sure to select one that has good reviews, as not all dongles are compatible with all computers. Once you’ve acquired your dongle, plug it into an available USB port on your computer. Windows will automatically install drivers for your dongle and ask if you want to connect it via Bluetooth or through a wired connection. Select Bluetooth, which will bring up a menu of available devices in range and allow you to connect with your headphones.

Check For Bluetooth On A Windows PC

If you don’t see it in your Control Panel, you may need to go to Device Manager. Click View Devices by Type and expand Bluetooth Devices. Find your specific headset listed, right-click it, select Update Driver Software, and then Browse my computer for driver software. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my laptop, choose Have Disk, and click Browse. Locate your audio adapter drive (typically called Bluetooth Audio), then select Open, press OK, and Windows will install your audio adapter correctly.

Check For Bluetooth On A Mac

Some Macs have built-in Bluetooth adapters, but most do not. If you don’t have an adapter, look for a USB dongle that supports Bluetooth 2.1 or later. Check your computer’s specifications or consult your user manual to make sure you’re buying a compatible device. Once you’ve got it plugged in, follow these steps to enable Bluetooth on your Mac: Open System Preferences by clicking its icon in your Dock or via Apple > System Preferences. Click on Bluetooth to begin searching for devices that are paired with other computers or cell phones, allowing them to send data over short distances at high speeds using radio waves.

If Your Computer Doesn’t Have Bluetooth

Get a USB Bluetooth adapter. You can find them for less than $10. Note: Your computer might have Bluetooth built-in if it’s newer, but if it’s an older machine or not working right, you’ll need to get an adapter anyway because they’re cheap and straightforward to install—it only takes about 10 seconds.

Setting Up Your New Bluetooth Headphones in Windows

First, plug your Bluetooth adapter into a USB port on your computer. Then, open up your Device Manager by pressing Windows Key + X and then click Device Manager. Once in Device Manager, locate Bluetooth Radios under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers. Right-click it and choose Update Driver Software… Then choose to browse my computer for driver software Follow the prompts to update these drivers.

Setting Up Bluetooth Headphones On A Mac

Though it’s not quite as easy as pushing a button and pairing, setting up wireless headphones on a Mac is still relatively simple. Here’s how to do it: First, turn on your wireless headphones and press and hold down their connect button until you see a blinking red light. Next, click on System Preferences in your Dock (or go to Apple > System Preferences if you’re looking for it through Spotlight). Click Bluetooth or choose Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar if you want an easier way to access that menu. Then just click on your headphones and follow any instructions that pop up! All done!

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