How To Fix Headphones That Can Hear Music But Not Voices

Trust us, we completely understand how frustrating it can be to troubleshoot audio issues regarding headphones. After all, it is only normal for everyday consumers like us to expect the headphones we purchase off the shelf to function normally and without any issues. Unfortunately, many different types of errors can occur with headphones, each equally frustrating to deal with. Let us take a look at one problem that is commonly faced by headphone users, which is that the headphones can play music but not voices.

Why You Can Hear Music but Not the Vocals

Without vocals, any music you listen to will just sound like instrumentals, making it impossible for you to enjoy music or even watch videos with proper audio. This issue can stem from several possible sources, including hardware issues, connection issues, settings issues, as well as an impedance mismatch.

Let us now look at the various sources in detail:

Hardware Issues

As the name suggests, hardware issues stem from problems like exposed or broken cables, loose and bent headphone jacks, short circuits, and others alike. If you are aware or notice that your headphones face the issues listed above, then it is highly likely that the problem is caused by hardware issues.

Connection Issues

The headphone jack that connects your listening device to smartphones and computers is made up of multiple conductors which are separated by rings. These conductors send and carry audio signals, allowing us to hear the audio being played from the different devices. When these conductors are unable to make contact, an improper connection occurs. As such, the audio you hear will be incomplete, possibly causing you to not hear any vocals. Connection issues most commonly happen when the headphone jack is loose or the connection port of your device is being blocked by dirt or lint.

Settings Issues

Regardless of the applications and devices that you use to listen to your music, an equalizer that allows for custom optimization of the sound can be found. When altered to certain specific settings, certain frequencies of sound can be completely blocked off, causing you to be unable to hear vocals. To test whether the issue lies with your equalizer, simply play around with the equalizer.

Impedance Mismatch

Impedance can be simply defined as the voltage needed for your headphones to function properly. Both your headphones and your audio device have an impedance voltage. When you pair high impedance headphones that require more power with a low impedance audio device, the audio device wouldn’t be able to provide sufficient power to produce a high-quality sound. As such, vocals might be sacrificed instead, causing the problem.

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