How To Listen To Music Together With Your Friends

Listening to music while in the company of friends can be an exciting activity, especially when everyone likes the same genre. While in the past everyone had to be in the same building or room, advances in HD sound technology now make it possible to listen to music together even if you’re wearing headphones and your friends live on opposite sides of the world.


This is an app that resembles YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime. It gives users the ability to both listen and watch music videos and live performances. However, what makes it unique is that Rave encourages its users to remain in touch while enjoying the same content through messages and voice chat, and it is possible to join private or group raves. The app is totally free for iOS and Android devices, as their content is monetized via advertising.


Originally, this app was designed to allow users to sync multiple music devices. However, since its inception it has advanced to the point where users now have access to multiple features. For instance, the iOS app has been updated so as many as eight users can share their tunes during video chats, which removes the need for having to play music in Zoom parties.


This is an excellent alternative to Spotify. It is freely available and may be synced with Apple Music based accounts. Another nifty feature is the ability to connect to public lounges so you can hear what other people are listening to and Vertigo also allows you to become a DJ. Best of all, when you use Vertigo for streaming, musicians will get royalties from it so this is a great way to support them.


This appropriately named web based program is popular for its simplicity and ease of use. It allows you to sync real time YouTube videos and you also have the option of connecting to public rooms and listening to the music which is being played there. It is also possible to establish a private room for co-workers, family members or friends.


Have you ever wanted to become a Disc Jockey? JQBX is the tool that will allow you to do it. It can be used to setup a public or private room where multiple listeners can hear the tunes you play. 

The service may be integrated with Spotify accounts and is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. Another feature which makes JQBX distinct is that users may cast votes for each song they listen to, while remaining updated on the hottest new trends throughout the music world.


This is the biggest name in online music apps. While most reading this are familiar with it, they’ve recently expanded their service to include a feature called Group Session, where users can add friends and family so they can listen to music simultaneously. However, it requires a premium Spotify subscription.

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