How To Make Headphones Louder On Your PC

More often than not, music lovers love to listen to their music loud. A rising crescendo of a tune that dorwns out every other background sounds is indeed satisfying. That is why headphones are one of the best inventions of humanity. You get to listen to music in full volume without bothering other people. Sometimes, you may wish to scale the volume up to more than a certain level. Read on to learn more about how to make your headphones sound louder on your PC!

Connect A Headphone Amplifier 

Your headphones do not come with a built-in amplifier but it can support one. The amplifier in your computer is limited and lowers quality of sounds amplification. By attaching an external amplifier, you can turn up the volume of your headphones. Plug the headphone jack into the amplifier and maximise the volume on your PC. You can manage the volume through the amplifier and enjoy the louder music. 

Amp/DAC Combination 

You can use an amp/DAC combo to get better quality audio and amplify it. A digital audio converter will pick up the digital signal from the PC and convert it into an audio signal. Having a digital converter will give you better audio signals. Combining that with an amplifier will give you increased volume. 

Install an Amplifying Application 

Maximize the volume of the sound you want to hear within the PC itself. Having an amplifying application will let you do that without wasting much money. You can install an amplifying application to modify the sound before it reaches your headphones. This method can increase the volume of the audio signal before it even reaches the soundcard. You can move up the dial then to increase it up a notch. However, an increased volume of the audio singal can reduce the quality of sound so you may not have the best audio quality with this option. 

Soundproof Your Room 

One way to increase the volume you hear through your headphones is by making your surroundings quieter. You can easily soundproof your room through cost effective ways. This will allow you to enjoy louder music through your headphones without the need for any other methods. 

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