How To Wear Headphones Correctly For Maximum Comfort

Unlike earbuds, headphones require users to adjust them for maximum comfortability. The last thing you would want is for your brand-new headphone to not fit on your head, causing you discomfort or even headaches. If you are someone that has just bought your first set of headphones, then you have come to the right place. This article will explain more about how to wear headphones correctly and feature some methods you can use to maximize comfort.

Bad Fit on Headphones

As silly as it may sound, there is a huge percentage of headphone-wearers that wear their headphones incorrectly. Because of that, many of them find themselves constantly having to adjust their headphones for a better fit. However, regardless of how many times they attempt to do so, there always seems to be slight discomfort or that the headphones might even slide off their heads. Sounds familiar to you? Well, the problem might not always lie with you, but also the type of headphones you are wearing.

Effects of Improper Headphone Wearing

Improper wearing of headphones shouldn’t be something that you brush off because of how ‘negligible’ it is. Improperly wearing headphones can potentially lead to headaches, ears experiencing pain and discomfort after long periods of wearing, or even getting in the way of your daily activities.

The Different Types of Headphones

The proper wearing technique of headphones will depend on the type of headphones you own. Factors such as the build and overall quality of the headphone you are using can have a big impact on the comfort levels you feel.

To summarize, headphones can be split into the following 3 categories:

  • On-ear headphones
  • Over-ear headphones

On-ear and over-ear headphones look extremely similar at first glance, so it is important to identify them by the size of the ear cups. On-ear headphones generally have smaller and compact ear cups which are supposed to rest around the top of your ears yet not fully cover them. As such, some first-time headphone users might feel that the ear cups of their headphones are too small for their ears when the reality is that on-ear headphones aren’t supposed to cover the full ear.

Over-ear headphones instead have larger earcups that fully encompass the ears of users. They can be easily identified by the padding alongside the earcups and you might also notice a reliable seal around them.

To wear on-ear and over-ear headphones, you simply have to first identify the left and right sides of the earphone. This can be identified by the “L” and “R” markings on each side of the earcups. Subsequently, place the headband over the top of your head followed by the earcups on your ears.

For on-ear headphones, try to find a comfortable position where the earpads fall around the ear and you can hear the audio being played without feeling too constricted. For those with over-ear headphones, simply ensure the earpads completely encompasses your ears.

Finally, make necessary adjustments to maximize the comfort of your headphones. Looking to purchase high-quality headphones that fit perfectly in your ears? Why not add The Haymaker to your list of considerations.

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