How to Wipe a Hard Drive of a PC or Mac

Since defragging a Mac isn’t the recommended way to make room, you’re often left with no option but to delete files off your drive. But when it’s time to give your disk drive a spring cleaning, it can be tricky to figure out what you can delete. Once this process is complete, all the files that were present before resetting your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air will be restored. Thus, you should have successfully performed MacBook SSD data recovery. Once, the macOS is successfully reinstalled, your MacBook will be reset to factory settings and the performance will be as fast as it is new. However, to complete the process of resetting MacBook without losing data, follow the final steps that need to be done. You need to delete both when you need to factory reset a Mac.

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Erasing All Content and Settings Makes Factory Resetting Simple

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Even didn’t do it fast enough and got seen typing. Usually they type that when the command is running so it just shows up at the end. It’s possible it’s really not that big a deal, but you will never know for sure. Wipe it to the fullest extent you can and re-install Windows.

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