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We are proud to present the first pair of headphones that both looks and sounds phenomenal. The Haymaker is designed to encompass the best features available in the market and outperform other products when it comes to any task. Regardless of whether you are a competitive gamer or a movie fanatic, the Haymaker is perfect for you. You may even just wish to have a pack of quality headphones for travel or listening to music while working out.

The Haymaker makes use of touch screen controls that enable you to navigate color and music features easily. All you need to do is swipe left to control music on the left and swipe right to control lights. With the RGB LED lights, you can choose between eight different color options that are built into the headphone. This will be displayed on the headband and speaker frame.

You are able to listen in peace with the true dual mode active noise cancelling feature, blocking out all ambient noises. This feature can be switched on and off at any time without interrupting the content.

You will also benefit from DIRAC 3D ultra-high-resolution audio when it comes to both gaming and playback. The Haymaker makes use of ultra clear voice processing to improve the communication process during voice calls and gaming. On top of that, The Haymaker makes use of Bluetooth 5.0 and APTX to ensure you do not have to compromise on clarity and signal strength.

Finally, you can get a pair of headphones that does it all!

ALL Haymaker Headphones have been designed to provide you the best in durability, sound quality, value, function, versatility, durability, features, customizability, and fit.

NOTE:  First 4,750 units can only be sold in the United States, headphones will be available globally by July 2020.


Weight 4.6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 11 in

36 reviews for The Haymaker

  1. Avatar for Peter Thomassen

    Peter Thomassen (verified owner)

    The best headphones I’ve ever have

    Man wearing Haymaker headphones
  2. Avatar for Klaphunk


    I leave short and simple reviews. These over the ear speakers are simply amazing! Yes I said speakers! They will blow your mind. The audio definition and clarity is just simply amazing. Music and movies will never be the same after these.
    Good job guys 👍😗👌

    The Haymaker Headphones
    Man with long beard wearing Haymaker headphones
  3. Avatar for Lab


    The best headsets i ever had.i used bose, beats for music,sony for gaming …. the haymaker is the only set i could use all the time with both music and gaming .i am 100% happy with it .smart investment. I don’t think i can go back to any other set

    The Haymaker Headphones
  4. Avatar for Erin Keck

    Erin Keck

    These are hands down the sweetest headphones I’ve ever owned. The sounds is unmatched and I love the controls and features. They work great for everything- travel, working out, work calls/video conferencing, relaxing… not to mention I get compliments on them basically every time I wear them out. Highly recommend these!

    Woman wearing Haymaker headphones
  5. Avatar for Enrique


    Best Headphones I ever own. Excellent craftsmanship and superior sound quality.
    Very confortable even when using my eyeglasses.

    Man wearing Haymaker headphones
  6. Avatar for Beth


    I love my haymaker headphones so much. They’re definitely worth the money. The sound, battery life and design are truly amazing. I rarely have to charge them and I use them often while working out and while working. I love the sleek design and the color changes. They also have great noise cancellation. I would definitely recommend these headphones to other people.

    Girl wearing Haymaker headphones
  7. Avatar for Austin Fermelia

    Austin Fermelia

    Seriously the best set of headphones I’ve ever purchased. Being able to control every aspect by just tapping or swiping across the logo on the side is such a cool feature. And the sound quality is intense. Amazing product.

    Man wearing Haymaker headphones
  8. Avatar for Laya A

    Laya A

    The quality of these headphones match with how stunning they look!

    I absolutely love how versatile they are. From talking on the phone, listening to music and gaming…they do not ever let me down!

    I am upset at the fact I didnt get these headphones even sooner and can honestly say that I do not have one complaint about them.

    Woman wearing Haymaker headphones
  9. Avatar for Kyle Sundell

    Kyle Sundell

    These by far have been the most versatile headphone/headset I have ever used.

    Starting with the shipping and packaging. On initial opening, you know that you just invested in a quality product. Even the box is nice. Then you get to the headphone case….damn, you can tell that time and effort was taken to give you a quality product.

    My first impressions on the headphones themselves were very good. They just feel like a quality product that is backed up by a great sound. And they just worked. First time pairing with my phone I was promptly greeted by a inviting voice letting me know they were connected, I picked my favorite song in spotify and I was engulfed in a immersive sound quality that you would expect from a product of this price point.

    While listening to music on a run, I was alerted that I was receiving a phone call, and the caller said I sounded exceptionally clear. That’s right there are mics built into the headphones making these actually a quality headset. Later that night I went to use these for a gaming session. They easily connected to my computer with the included USB dongle, as well as included aux cable. These are now my go-to gaming headset from here on out.

    Next subject is noise cancelling. First impression was….meh. And to be fair, I kinda wrote them off for being a mediocre in this subject. That was until I went on a vacation, where I was surrounded by families on a plane with numerous children of the screaming age. They completely cancelled out the drone of the jet engines of the plane, and thanks to them I maintained my sanity for the 5 hour plane ride.

    Battery life has surpassed my expectations. I can easily go a week on a full charge if not using noise canceling or the cool leds. Using those features do cut into the battery life but I usually can still get a solid work day of use from them, if I so desire to cancel out my coworkers bad choice of music or if I want to put on my own personal disco with lights galore.

    Speaking of lights, they are easily customizable with just a swipe of the right ear-cup. I would like to see even more customization with a included app to get those colors just how you want them. To some this may not be important, but as a streamer it would be cool to be able to sync the lights to my streaming setup.

    Comfort and materials: These headphones could possibly be the most flexible and comfortable set I have worn. A lot of high end headphones come with the PU leather ear-cups. For most this is ok, but I think they get slimy with long use. Well the maker of the haymaker have thought of this also. Included in the packaging comes two sets of ear-cups. One is the PU leather and the other set is a quality mesh, which is my go to. To change just simply pull the ear-cups straight away from the driver and place the new cup on, they will be held on with a strong magnet. I really do like the materials chosen for these. The band has a sort of sprung steel base that is supper flexible and damn near impossible to break. On top of the steel is a mixture of plastic and carbon fiber, which is a really cool look if you ask me.

    Overall, these headphones live up to the hype and could possibly be the last headphones you would ever need. They are comfortable to wear for multiple hours at a time, made of quality materials that will last a very long time, and most of all the sound is very very good.

    Man playing game using Haymaker headphones
  10. Avatar for Mello


    The best headphones I ever put on my head . Nice sound that blocks off all distraction . Cool color led light schemes you don’t find in other headphones . Easy accessible navigational use within the headphone itself , best thing ever made , slice bread better make way.

    Man wearing Haymaker headphones
  11. Avatar for Dennis


    Best pair of headphones I’ve ever owned, and I have owned every name brand you can think of. I use them everyday when I exercise, whether its lifting or jogging, and I have had no failures of any kind whatsoever. I can’t say that about all the others I have had. I am a big fan of the led’s, some may not be, but for me its just an added protection when I’m on a night run!

    Man wearing Haymaker headphones
  12. Avatar for Bobby Watkins

    Bobby Watkins

    The Haymaker Headphones are truly the only headphones you’ll ever need. They have so many features and a great price point. My favorite features about the Haymakers are the sound, touch controls and the two active noise canceling microphones!

    Man wearing Haymaker headphones and hat
  13. Avatar for Darius Victor

    Darius Victor

    Headphones are dope, great sound , great look a must have !

    Haymaker headphone box pack
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Driver Type Dynamic
Driver Size 40mm
Frequency Response 20-20KHz
Sensitivity 119±3dB
Impedance 32Ω
Battery 800mAh/3.7V
Battery Life 26 Hours in Bluetooth mode only using Active Noise Cancelling, No Lights (Note: Volume at 60%)
43 Hours in Bluetooth mode without Active Noise Canceling, No lights (Note: Volume at 60%)
12 Hours with Active Noise Canceling and Lights ON. (Note: Volume at 60%)
No battery usage using Auxilary Cord with Active Noise Canceling OFF
30 Hours usaing Auxilary Cord and Noise Cancelling ON (Note: Volume at 60%)
Weight 322 g (11.5 oz)
Accessories Included Extra perforated cloth ear pads, Hard Shell zip case, 3′ Auxilary cable, 5′ Micro USB-C Charge Cable, PC Controller Cable
Microphone Type (2) Condenser Active Noise Cancelling
Microphone Sensitivity (NC)  -34±2dB
Microphone Frequency Response (NC) 100Hz~10kHz
Microphone Polar  Pattern (NC) Omnidirectional Active Noise Cancelling
Microphone Sensitivity (CALL)  -37±3dB
Microphone Frequency Response (CALL) 100Hz~10kHz
Microphone Polar  Pattern (CALL) Omnidirection
Charge Type Micro USB-C
Charge Time 1.5 HR – Fully
Communicarion System Bluetooth 5.0
Maximum Communicarion Range 12m Line of Sight (39 FT)
Compatible Bluetooth Profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Gaming Audio DIRAC 7.1 Surround Sound, DIRAC HD Sound, Stereo 2.0
Music Audio DIRAC 7.1 Surround Sound, DIRAC HD Sound, Stereo 2.0
Gaming Compatibility XBOX, PlayStation(USB only Support Audio output), Switch, PC
Gaming Software DIRAC For Windows 7,10 64-bit system

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