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We are proud to present the first pair of headphones that both looks and sounds phenomenal. The Haymaker is designed to encompass the best features available in the market and outperform other products when it comes to any task. Regardless of whether you are a competitive gamer or a movie fanatic, the Haymaker is perfect for you. You may even just wish to have a pack of quality headphones for travel or listening to music while working out.

The Haymaker makes use of touch screen controls that enable you to navigate color and music features easily. All you need to do is swipe left to control music on the left and swipe right to control lights. With the RGB LED lights, you can choose between eight different color options that are built into the headphone. This will be displayed on the headband and speaker frame.

You are able to listen in peace with the true dual mode active noise cancelling feature, blocking out all ambient noises. This feature can be switched on and off at any time without interrupting the content.

You will also benefit from DIRAC 3D ultra-high-resolution audio when it comes to both gaming and playback. The Haymaker makes use of ultra clear voice processing to improve the communication process during voice calls and gaming. On top of that, The Haymaker makes use of Bluetooth 5.0 and APTX to ensure you do not have to compromise on clarity and signal strength.

Finally, you can get a pair of headphones that does it all!

ALL Haymaker Headphones have been designed to provide you the best in durability, sound quality, value, function, versatility, durability, features, customizability, and fit.

NOTE:  First 4,750 units can only be sold in the United States, headphones will be available globally by July 2020.


Weight 4.6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 11 in

36 reviews for The Haymaker

  1. Avatar for Peter Thomassen

    Peter Thomassen (verified owner)

    The best headphones I’ve ever have

    Man wearing Haymaker headphones
  2. Avatar for Peter Thomassen

    Peter Thomassen (verified owner)

    the best headphones ever proud of be the first owner of the haymaker headphones in Greenland

  3. Avatar for Christopher WHITE

    Christopher WHITE (verified owner)

    These headphones feel and look great. I love the case and cables that are included. However, if you like loud , clear audio as I do..especially when connected to a ps5 ( you will need a USB adapter) then you will also need a headphone amplifier because the max volume is not that high. The result is that when gaming or listening to music through the phone ( Galaxy s21 ultra ) the sound output can sound a little muted or muffled. An increase in overall output volume would put these really nice headphones at the top of the food chain.

  4. Avatar for Alec

    Alec (verified owner)

    I’ve had the opportunity to mess around with the haymaker headset. I am so in love with it. I have it connected to my phone my laptop. I also am a gamer in the quality of the sound is just beyond amazing. I couldn’t be more happier with this head set. Definitely worth ever penny. Thank you for making my gaming experience that much better. If you don’t have one I suggest you get yourself one. Thanks to the creators of haymaker. It absolutely does everything.

  5. Avatar for Devon

    Devon (verified owner)

    Awesome headphones and headset! Very clear audio, has some very cool touch features on it at as well. Made me feel like a child to open up such a cool gadget, with it’s lights and all. Very good product!

  6. Avatar for Tammy Bishop

    Tammy Bishop (verified owner)

    I love music and my whole library is loaded onto 2 Classic Ipods (about 40k + songs). With that said; I have gone thru many, many, different headphones that are considered and labeled as “top” brands. Money was not a sacrifice when it came to superior sound to me. To be fair – Ipods are out dated so those expensive headphones were pretty much doomed to fail from go. Time and time again I was disappointed. As they were considered the best in the market, I figured that I would just have to settle.
    So then I came across Haymaker while surfing the net.. and based on the specs and reviews; I decided to go ahead and take a chance and purchased them. When it arrived… I prepared myself to be disappointed. I loved the packaging and the fact that I could use these headphones with all my devices as well as my 2 classic Ipods. I placed them on my head and hit “play”….. I was literally BLOWN AWAY! I couldn’t believe my ears! So I thought okay let’s see if they pass NIN’s – “Downward Spiral” album (it has some of the harshest notes and sounds that all other headphones end up distorting). If you are a Nine Inch Nail fan.. you know exactly what I am referring to. Haymaker did those notes and shrieks some massive honor! The sounds are crisp and clear and the surround sound is going around your head – as if you are right there in the room with the Band! I was taken to another world! I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but I can’t express how the cost of these headphones are not only reasonable but a steal for what you are hearing and getting! Haymaker headphones are phenomenal! I didn’t buy them to play video games or because of the cool led lights.. I got them for music and if they can deliver music like this on a classic Ipod – I can only imagine where it will take you in your game or on any device you use them on. I am in Music Zen and will never settle again! I can’t wait to watch Haymaker evolve even past the perfection they have already accomplished with these headphones! I look forward to seeing them pump out more superior products because I am sticking with them moving forward! I use these headphones to talk on my Iphone and with my laptop on webcam. The Bluetooth literally connected itself (it was that easy) and they haven’t lost connection once. The intuitive controls are an awesome plus too! I love my headphones and I love that it is the only headphones I need. Now I hear music the way the bands intended their music to sound…. yes, even on a classic Ipod thanks to Haymaker headphones.

  7. Avatar for Carlos

    Carlos (verified owner)

    There is no argument that these are my best set of headphones, this set has satisfied my audiophile expectations.

  8. Avatar for Anthony

    Anthony (verified owner)

    After going through so many, many headsets and headphones over the years I finally found a perfect one. The audio quality is great for all purposes ( I use it for PC gaming, Console gaming, and listening to music from my phone), the battery life is great, even the voice quality is great. Well worth the price, if you’re tired of going through the motions with sub par products.

  9. Avatar for Phil

    Phil (verified owner)

    Just the best

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Driver Type Dynamic
Driver Size 40mm
Frequency Response 20-20KHz
Sensitivity 119±3dB
Impedance 32Ω
Battery 800mAh/3.7V
Battery Life 26 Hours in Bluetooth mode only using Active Noise Cancelling, No Lights (Note: Volume at 60%)
43 Hours in Bluetooth mode without Active Noise Canceling, No lights (Note: Volume at 60%)
12 Hours with Active Noise Canceling and Lights ON. (Note: Volume at 60%)
No battery usage using Auxilary Cord with Active Noise Canceling OFF
30 Hours usaing Auxilary Cord and Noise Cancelling ON (Note: Volume at 60%)
Weight 322 g (11.5 oz)
Accessories Included Extra perforated cloth ear pads, Hard Shell zip case, 3′ Auxilary cable, 5′ Micro USB-C Charge Cable, PC Controller Cable
Microphone Type (2) Condenser Active Noise Cancelling
Microphone Sensitivity (NC)  -34±2dB
Microphone Frequency Response (NC) 100Hz~10kHz
Microphone Polar  Pattern (NC) Omnidirectional Active Noise Cancelling
Microphone Sensitivity (CALL)  -37±3dB
Microphone Frequency Response (CALL) 100Hz~10kHz
Microphone Polar  Pattern (CALL) Omnidirection
Charge Type Micro USB-C
Charge Time 1.5 HR – Fully
Communicarion System Bluetooth 5.0
Maximum Communicarion Range 12m Line of Sight (39 FT)
Compatible Bluetooth Profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Gaming Audio DIRAC 7.1 Surround Sound, DIRAC HD Sound, Stereo 2.0
Music Audio DIRAC 7.1 Surround Sound, DIRAC HD Sound, Stereo 2.0
Gaming Compatibility XBOX, PlayStation(USB only Support Audio output), Switch, PC
Gaming Software DIRAC For Windows 7,10 64-bit system

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