The Real Reasons DJs Wear Headphones While Performing

If you are just getting started with DJing, you may have seen some DJs wearing headphones while performing. So, why do DJs wear headphones? There is actually a fundamental reasoning behind it and is one of the key facets of DJing and beat matching music. Join us in the following article to find out more about this interesting topic.

Why DJs Wear Headphones

DJs wear headphones while performing to be fed the music track that is about to be mixed into the music song track which is already being played live on the speakers. The cue button is pressed on the respective channels which allows the DJ to listen to the track so it can be correctly matched to the live songs that are currently playing. The headphones also allow the DJ to listen to the mix and how it sounds like before the crossfader is moved to the middle.

Cue Next Track

The purpose of wearing headphones while performing is simply to cue the subsequent track. Cueing refers to the process of hearing the next track before playing it through the speakers. This is important because when channel 1 is playing a live music track, the cue button on channel 2 can be played on the mixer. This enables the DJ to hear the music track on this channel for the feedback before releasing the music track on channel 2 which will in turn fall in line with the live music track. This can be achieved when the music track is launched in the right phrase and tempo.

Once this has been achieved, the mix is heard first before being played live when the headphones on the mixer are switched from cue to mix. The DJ will be able to preview how the two tracks will sound together before the crossfader is moved between channel 1 and 2.

Clarity of Sound

Most often than not, DJs wear headphones while performing because they are able to listen to the beats much more clearly. This is crucial especially at loud venues where the speakers can be positioned at different areas across the premises that can delay the sounds arriving to the DJs’ ears. By wearing headphones, this delay can be avoided so the beats can be matched effectively and a clear audio sound can be delivered, hence being an important aspect of mixing and beat matching.

Protect Hearing

Loud music is common when it comes to live music events, especially with a DJ. In such a setting, it is a norm for DJs to wear headphone to protect their ears to a certain degree. The main idea is to ensure that the volume of the headphones is not turned up too high to prevent ear fatigue. There are noise canceling headphones available in today’s market that offer plenty of hearing loss benefits. The ear pieces come with supportive padding that block out external noises for optimal comfort.

Speaker Alternative

Beginner DJs may not have that much equipment right after they have just gotten started. Some may not own any speakers yet, hence headphones are a great alternative to speakers which are much more cost-effective.

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