What To Do If Headphones Hurt Your Ears

With a great pair of headphones, you can enjoy listening to music that sounds incredible. But sometimes, after wearing it for a while, your ears may start to hurt. If your headphones are hurting you, you will have to modify them in order for you to become more comfortable. Every pair of headphones is different, so you have to try out different solutions to see what works. First, inspect your headphones to see why it is hurting you, like maybe the clamping pressure is too tight for your ears. Once you know the cause of the problem, you can try out these solutions. Read on to learn about what to do if your headphones hurt your ears!

If Your Headphones Feel Hot 

If your headphones feel too hot, it might be because of the plasticky ear pads. These can cause you to sweat a lot. You simply have to buy the softer and more breathable ear pads. Look around to find the right pair to make your headphones feel more comfortable. 

If Your Headphones Clamp Too Hard 

You want your headphones to stay on even if you bob your head to the music. But if they clamp too hard, it can become painful for your ears. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this. You just have to stretch them out. Take some books and stack them side-by-side until they are the width of your head or slightly wider. Then, place your headphones over these books when you are not using them. They should start to feel more comfortable after a few days. Be careful so that you do not stretch them out too much. 

If Your Headphones Presses Against Your Ears 

Your ears can start to hurt if the cups of the headphones are too shallow, which causes the driver to press against your ears. If this is so, you can deepen the ear cups. Take note that this method might slightly change the sound. If you want your headphones to feel more comfortable, you can use foam or other padding and stuff it under the ear pad. This increases the thickness of the pad, which creates more space inside the cup for your ears. 

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