Will Sweat Damage Your Headphone? And How To Prevent It

In today’s day and age, nearly no millennial can go on long trips without a pair of headphones. Headphones allow us to enjoy and listen to our favorite music, podcasts and even chat with friends and family with ease. Headphones are also conveniently easy-to-use, allowing us to go about our daily activities while listening to audio at the same time. Many gymgoers, runners, and other athletes don headphones while training to enhance their focus by blocking out noise and distractions. In addition, songs with certain beats also provide a steady tempo that helps runners pace their runs. Despite these benefits, one problem remains – the possibility of sweat damaging your headphones.


Made up of ammonia, water, sugar, salts, and urea, sweat is a substance that our body releases onto our skin when we start heating up, thereby regulating the body’s temperature. As such, sweat is almost always produced when we engage in different forms of physical activity, with the output being relative to the intensity of the exercise.

Since we produce sweat during exercise, many are concerned about sweat going into our headphones, wondering if they can potentially damage the headphones. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a definite yes.

Why Does Sweat Damage Headphones?

In most models of headphones, plastic leather is used to create the earpads of headphones. The earpads of the headphones are also the same area that our sweat falls on when we exercise with headphones on. Plastic leather is a material that is vulnerable to sweat damage, causing many problems to wearers. If you are looking for high-quality headphones that use premium materials suitable for exercise, then we strongly suggest that you consider The Haymaker.

While most one-off exercise sessions likely won’t result in noticeable damages, excess moisture that is built up over time most certainly will. If you are not diligent in wiping off swear from your headphones after every exercise session, they may sweep into the cushion, leading to damage. Potential damage includes flaking and cracking, which can make headphones appear nasty and cheap regardless of how premium they are. Eventually, the covers of your headphones may also begin to develop a stench, which can be extremely embarrassing.

Working Around Sweat Damage

Wiping down the cushions of your headphones with a soft and dry cloth after every exercise session is a simple and effective way to reduce the likelihood of sweat damaging your beloved headphones. This will help to reduce any excess moisture after exercise sessions, preventing sweat from seeping into the cushions. Every once in a while, you might also choose to add a small amount of gentle soap to clean the cushions, especially after intense training sessions. Other ways to reduce the likelihood of sweat damage include adding moisture-resistant headphone covers, open-backed headphones, or considering a switch to wireless earbuds.

If you own an existing headphone damaged by sweat, you can consider replacing the headphone’s cushions if the model allows you to do so, a much more cost-efficient approach as compared to replacing the entire headphone.

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