How To Make Your Headphones Last Longer

Headphones are one of the must-have technological accessories nowadays. In fact, many people use headphones daily while they commute or for entertainment during their leisure time as well. For others, it might even be an essential part of their livelihood.

Either way, after shelling out hundreds of dollars for your headphones, it is expected that you hope that they will last as long as possible. We understand your concerns, which is why our team here at Haymaker has compiled a list of tips that can help make your headphones last longer.

Buy A Product Made of Quality Materials

This is the first and most important tip because if you purchase an item that was made with poor workmanship, even if you treat it like fragile glass, it is unlikely to last as long as you would like. Since you are going to use the headphones constantly, make sure to purchase a set of headphones that are of decent quality. This means checking that both the headset itself and the cables included are made of quality materials that are able to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily use.

One example to take note is that it would be better to consider headphones with braided cables. This is because they are less likely to get tangled or damaged. Ensuring the wires are in good quality is essential to having a smooth signal chain and better sound quality.

Avoid Getting Your Headphones Wet

It is very rare to find headphones that are entirely waterproof. Even if they are, it is still good protocol to try and avoid submerging your headphones for prolonged periods of time. If your headphones are not waterproof or water-resistant, it is imperative that you keep your headphones as far away from water as possible. This means avoiding dropping it in water or getting it splashed by water.

One common way that headphones get water damage is if they are used when the individual is using them while outside in the rain. Even though it might seem like just a few droplets of rain to you, a light drizzle is enough to significantly damage your earphones so make sure to stow them away or bring an umbrella before you head out.

Use Your Earphone Case

Most headphones from respectable brands will come with a protective case. If yours do not, make sure to source for one. Having a pouch or a case will make sure that your headphones will not get damaged when they are not in use.

Get The Best Headphones Available At The Haymaker

Headphones are now widely available amongst the market and can be differentiated in so many ways. Whether it is audio quality, extra features, battery life, or even design and lighting, it can be confusing and even overwhelming having to filter through all this to figure out the best style for you.

What makes our team here at Haymaker confident of our headphones is simply that they were all made with the consumers in mind. As avid headphone users ourselves, we understand how hard it is to find a product that works. This is why we have spent years designing and planning the development of our different Haymaker products. Whether you are a working professional, traveler, gamer, or music enthusiast, you are sure to find that the Haymaker will be able to meet your unique needs.

One of the best ways that we do this is by ensuring that you can use our product for the long term. This is why we offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty with all of our headphones. This means that if you have any issues within a year, our technical support team will be glad to take a look at it. If it happens that there is a manufacturer’s defect or any problems due to poor workmanship, we will replace your headset at no charge.

For more information on the specs of our headphones or the details of our warranty, fill in this online form and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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