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Haymaker is owned by Peak Audio LLC, a company founded by Matt Bremyer. Haymaker focuses on building high tech and highly functional products that our customers love. Haymaker products allow customers to custom tailor them as desired. We believe in building products that are truly worth the retail price, always constructing from the best components and materials. If it’s Haymaker, you can trust, everything is extremely durable and built to last as long as you own it.

Matt is like you, he loves having great valued product’s that perform extremely well in multiple ways. His goal with Haymaker is to provide customers with unparalleled products built out of premium materials and components. Where others may cut corners to make more money, we will not. Our mission is to be the best!!


The Haymaker team loves these product’s and knows everything about them. How they work, how they are constructed and how to fix any and every aspect of each system. Our tech support has been building headphones for years, though we expect you will never have any problems with your Haymaker, if in the event you do, we are happy to help! All Haymakers come with a standard 1year manufacturer’s warranty. If your Haymaker needs repair and is still in warranty period, send it in and we will take a look at it. If it turns out it is a manufacturer defect, we will replace the product free of charge.
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Haymaker products are designed with the consumer in mind. Years of thought and planning went into the development of Haymaker products. Packing more features in our products than any other on the market, all the while maintaining a simple to use interface. Haymaker products are built to exceed your expectations, whether you are music enthusiast, gamer, traveler or a working professional!
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Haymaker products are not only built to look amazing, but also pack serious technology. The headphones for example, feature all touch sensor interfaces to control music and lighting. The logos on The Haymaker headphone and text on the headband are lit RGB LED’s. All Haymaker products are highly water resistant and have the latest tech for sound and communications if applicable. This is just scratching the surface for technology built into the Haymaker products!
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Haymakers are designed to bring you the absolute best acoustical experience. Whether you are needing something incredible for music playback, competitive gaming, movies, communication or travel, Haymaker will deliver you the best! Haymaker audio delivers ground-pounding crisp bass that hits hard, yet never distorts at any volume. The mid-range is extremely clear and packs serious punch. Haymaker highs are clean and crisp. This acoustical performance is what we like to call “a perfectly balanced, full spectrum sound.” No distortion anywhere in the spectrum, no range overpowers the other, the perfect acoustics! We are able to obtain this by tuning countless times on the factory level, then we take it a step further and send them to our friends at DIRAC. Think of DIRAC as the icing on the cake. They make everything sweeter! DIRAC then takes each system and spends an additional 6 weeks developing a custom tune which then is put on top of our already good factory tune! All of our audio systems have a custom tune by DIRAC and feature their true 3D audio and UHD 7.1 surround sound. When you buy a Haymaker audio product you can trust it’ll be amazing! We don’t accept anything less than amazing.
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Built to last, Haymakers are not throw-away products. All products feature the best tech and are built with most premium materials and components available. We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology, influencing the future of all products. We want all of our customers to be able to enjoy our products for a lifetime!