With The Haymaker Xbox Bluetooth premium headphones, users are offered surround sound that provides an acoustic sound performance. Each pair of headphones comes equipped with ample features that deliver hi-resolution sound quality, fit for gaming, playback, communication, and more. For remarkable signal strength and excellent sound clarity, shop for The Haymaker which is ideal for any level of user.

Important note: All Xbox consoles do not support Bluetooth by default, so it’s not compatible with The Haymaker and other headsets, controllers, and keyboards out of the box. You can still connect your Haymaker headphones to your gaming console via the included AUX cable or purchase an additional Bluetooth adapter for Xbox.

About Bluetooth Headphones for Xbox

The Haymaker is the only pair of headphones to be packed with DIRAC’s UHD Hi-Res 7.1 Surround Sound and True 3D Audio that seamlessly delivers an acoustic sound performance for a crisp audio output. Users playing back music, streaming movies, gaming on Xbox, or simply communicating can expect high-performance sound tuning that promises crystal clear sound. The Haymaker’s APTX and Bluetooth 5.0 features are fit for competitive Xbox gaming to support effortless communication between players. Our headphones are ideal for users looking for an all-encompassing high-tech tool that is highly-functional and well-equipped with modern technological advances.

Benefits of Wearing Bluetooth Headphones for Xbox

For aesthetics and quality, The Haymaker Bluetooth headphones make the perfect option. Each pair of headphones is designed to cater to the needs of every level of user and for any type of task.  Gamers, fitness junkies, and recreational users can expect to enjoy the many benefits offered by The Haymaker which aim to deliver an incredible sound performance through simple usage. Users get to navigate the different functions of The Haymaker like sound and light through a user-friendly interface that is straightforward and foolproof.

Years of thought and planning enable us to produce The Haymaker which promises ground-pounding crisp bass without all the sound distortion. Its serious technology balances out its high-tech tuning features and acoustic performance for that value consumers are seeking. The Haymaker Bluetooth headphones are designed with premium-grade components and materials to create a beautiful outlook and deliver equally impressive sound quality. Its exterior is just as incredible with eight-color options RGB LEDs for an interactive appearance.

Key Features of Our Xbox Bluetooth Headphones

The Haymaker Bluetooth headphones dominate the industry with their countless tech features that are highly sought after by consumers. Each pair comes packed with features like touch screen controls for user-friendly usage; noise-canceling feature for the best acoustical playback and gaming experience; and a simple on/off toggle to control its menu. The Haymaker also comes loaded with DIRAC 3D ultra-high-resolution audio for full-spectrum sound that promises clean and crisp gaming communication and outstanding music playback.

Why Buy Xbox Bluetooth Headphones from The Haymaker?

Our range of products is designed after full consideration of what consumers today need. Years of research and planning enable us to incorporate an array of features into our headphones to provide a user-friendly interface and prolonged durability. The Haymaker Bluetooth Xbox headphone exceeds customer expectations through its versatility and personalization which make it ideal for both gaming and playback. Our headphones outperform any competition within the market through the provision of functionality, features, customizability, sound quality, fashion, fit, and value.

Looking for a pair of badass Xbox headphones that not only look cool, but sound phenomenal? Shop for noise-cancelling headphones from The Haymaker now.