Gaming Setting

Just got a new The Haymaker’s wireless gaming headphone set and unsure how to use it? Fret not, Haymaker is here to help you, at every step along your way. We have come up with a simple guide that can help you navigate through your new headphone set, making sure that it is as easy as ABC. 

Ensuring that your headphone set works and has a good audio quality is the number one most important thing to do. As such, in this guide, we will talk about some of the common problems and difficulties you may face with your headphone set and how you can solve it. We will also talk about some little tips you can try that can positively impact the quality of your mic audio, giving you a better audio experience. 

About The Haymaker

Owned by Peak Audio LLC and founded by Matt Bremyer, The Haymaker prides itself in building top quality headphone sets that are both high tech and highly functional. We make sure that all our products are value for money by using only the best components and materials to build our products. Not only so, we know that a fitting headphone set is extremely important hence we also allow customers to custom tailor their headphone sets as they desire. You can trust that The Haymaker is a lasting and durable headphone set. 

Which Jack Should I Use?

So, you are going to game with your Haymaker’s headphone, yet it just does not work no matter how you tried? 

The answer may be because you are using the wrong jack. The auxiliary cable comes with 2 jacks, one on each end and they are slightly different from one another. One end of the auxiliary cable come with the 3.5mm jack that are just like any other auxiliary jacks, which goes into the controller of your console. The other jack is similar as well except for a slight difference – there are 2 little nubs on it, which is what is locked into the headphone. So, make sure you use the right end for the right device and your headphone will be connected in no time!

Another tip to note is that just pushing the jack into the auxiliary port on the headphone is not enough. You will need to twist it a little bit until you feel the jack is locked into place and it is fully seated.

Why is the Sound Only Coming Out from One Speaker? 

That could be because you are not plugging in your jack correctly. On The Haymaker’s jack, there are 3 rings on it. Each of these rings represent a part of the Haymaker’s headphone – right channel, left channel and microphone channel. Therefore, you will need to make sure that all 3 rings of the jack are fully seated in order to get the sound out fully. 

Just 2 simple tips to follow and you can get your headphones hooked up immediately. The reason why we have 2 different jacks on each end is so that it can reduce wear and tear on the headphone jack port and to keep it from being yanked out. So, make sure you follow these instructions carefully for your headphones to last you for as long as possible.