The Haymaker designs premium Bluetooth headphones that offer a truly immersive gaming experience. We include an array of features in each pair of headphones which allow users to experience hi-resolution surround sound. The headphone is fit for any task and every level of user who can expect crisp sound and a modern design. Get The Haymaker Bluetooth headphones for PlayStation for excellent signal strength and clarity.

Important note: PlayStation consoles do not support Bluetooth audio by default. You can connect The Haymaker headphones to PS consoles via the included AUX cable or purchase an additional Bluetooth adapter to fully utilize your headphone’s wireless capabilities.

About Bluetooth Headphones for PlayStation

Our PlayStation Bluetooth headphones from The Haymaker are the only pair that features DIRAC’s UHD Hi-Res 7.1 Surround Sound and True 3D Audio for an acoustic sound performance. It is ideal for music playback, movies, competitive gaming, travel, or communication. Regardless of the purpose, The Haymaker Bluetooth PlayStation headphones offer high-performance sound tuning for crystal clear sound. Users also enjoy APTX and Bluetooth 5.0 for competitive gaming on PlayStation and crystal clear voice processing. The Haymaker is truly an all-inclusive pair of headphones that is high-tech and highly functional to let users get the most value out of their purchase.

Benefits of Wearing Bluetooth Headphones for PlayStation

The Haymaker Bluetooth headphones look incredible and sound amazing. They are designed to perform all tasks for any type of user. Fitness junkies, gamers, and recreational users stand to benefit from the many benefits The Haymaker headphones have to offer. Years of planning and though process went into the development of the headphones which feature a simple user interface for straightforward use. The headphones are packed with serious technology that allows easy music and lighting control. They are also highly resistant to water and deliver crisp bass without any distortion of sound at any volume. The Haymaker headphones are a perfect balance of acoustic performance and stunning appearance for a worthwhile investment. Each pair is built to last using the best tech in the market and the most premium components and materials. Externally, The Haymaker is equally impressive with lit RGB LEDs with eight color options displayed on the headband for an interactive outlook.

Key Features of Our PlayStation Bluetooth Headphones

The Haymaker headphone outperforms any other device on the market today through its delivery of both phenomenal sound and outstanding outlook. It comes with a series of touch screen controls which provide access to its functions. Users can expect to achieve immersive listening experience through the headphone’s noise-canceling feature which can be toggled on and off without any interruption. The headphone’s DIRAC 3D ultra-high-resolution audio is fit for both gaming and playback in premium HD for crystal clear voice that improves communication. 

Why Buy PlayStation Bluetooth Headphones from The Haymaker?

We design our range of products with the needs of the consumer market in mind. We spend years planning our feature-filled products that are user-friendly and long-lasting. The Haymaker promises to build products that exceed user expectations and versatile; fit for any gaming and playback platform. All our products are produced to dominate in function, sound quality, features, value, customizability, durability, fit, and fashion.

Looking for a pair of badass PlayStation headphones that not only look cool, but sound phenomenal? Shop for noise-cancelling headphones from The Haymaker now.