What To Look Out For In Gaming Headphones

Having great audio is one of the most important parts of gameplay. In certain games, having a quality headset with immersive surround sound can make or break your ability to win your matches.

However, for someone who isn’t familiar with audio, it can be hard to decide which one to settle for – after all, the perfect gaming headphone is well-balanced combination of design, comfort, and audio quality. To get you started, our experts here at Haymaker has compiled a set of considerations that you can look to in order to get your dream gaming headphones.

Soft, Supple, and Comfortable Earcups

For anyone who is looking to play for long hours, having comfortable ear cups is an essential factor when choosing your headphones. Whether it is having easily interchangeable speaker pads and cushion pads, or unique ergonomic design, it is important that you will not feel discomfort with your headphones. This can be managed by looking at specifications like the weight of the product or the materials that are used.

Wireless or Wired

Making the choice between wireless and wired headphones can easily cut down your options by at least half. This is important if mobility is a huge factor for you, or if you plan to use your gaming headphones on your daily commute as well. Mitigating between the two will bring about a whole host of other considerations like battery life, connection range, bandwidth amongst others and deciding on this first will help with narrowing down your options.

Lifelike Immersive Soundstage

Audio quality is crucial when it comes to picking your favorite headphones. It doesn’t matter the brand, specs, or design if you cannot hear anything that is going on in the game. Something to look out for when assessing audio quality is whether or not your gaming headphone supports wide surround sound. This will be a critical factor in helping create a more immersive gaming experience.

Controlling the Retractable Mic

If you are someone who enjoys multiplayer games, it might be crucial also to check on the quality of the attached microphone. Some headphones will give you greater control over the microphone features and volume than others and it is important that your device is able to meet all your needs as far as possible.

Get The Best Headphones With The Haymaker

Here at Haymaker, our team is confident that our headphones are the best in the market simply because they were designed with you, the consumers, in mind. Whether you are a working professional that needs an audio solution in the office, a traveler, a competitive gamer, or a music enthusiast, you can be sure to find features that will meet all your needs in our product.

Each of our headsets will feature unrivalled acoustic performance as we are the only headphones to have a partnership with DIRAC. As a high-performance Swedish audio tuning company, they have worked to create amazing sound performance in luxury vehicles around the world. This technology is now found in our headphones which feature DIRAC’s full custom tuning.

For more information about our audio systems and headphone specifications, fill in this online form and our team will get back to you shortly.

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