5 Hacks To Improve Your Headphones’ Sound Quality

The sound quality of your headphones can be a subjective matter, but everyone is always looking for the best option that best matches their personal preferences. There are many ways to help improve headphones’ sound quality so as to achieve the best possible sound mixing, recording, or producing results. From using cables and earpads to adding an amplifier or DAC, below is a list of hacks for you to explore for better-sounding headphones.

Using an Equalizer App for PC or Smartphone

An equalizer is an application that can boost or improve sounds through the adjustments of frequencies and other parameters on a PC or smartphone. The term improve is often thrown around so loosely when the topic of improving the sound quality of headphones is being discussed. However, using an equalizer can truly boost the quality of your headphones’ sound through two things. The first thing is the app’s ability to fine-tune the sound coming from your headphones so as to focus on the song’s features. Secondly, an equalizer can fine-tune the sound according to your listening preferences.

Reduce Sound Distortion by Lowering Volume

Sound distortion is pretty common when it comes to mixing. Audio devices that are switched on at high volumes can cause them to overload as their power limits are exceeded. You will in turn hear buzzing or hissing which leads to reduced audio quality. To reduce this problem, the best way is to reduce the sound of your audio device. Alternatively, you may use an amplifier that has an impedance that is on par with that of your headphones. The output impedance should be 8 to 10 times lower than your headphones.

Change Headphones’ Earpads

Earpads are used by manufacturers to optimize the headphones’ performance so you get to enjoy the best possible listening experience. However, if you are not using the correct type of headphones, you may find that the earpads can actually make the sound worse. You can try replacing the existing earpads to a different thickness so as to adjust their acoustic properties which can significantly alter your listening experience.

Clean Drivers

If you have not been using your headphones for quite some time, dust may have built up. Drivers that have gotten dirty can implicate the sound quality or even fully muffle the sound. Clean out the drivers to experience a huge difference in sound quality for a better listening experience. Make sure to use the proper tools to like tweezers, a microfiber cloth, and coconut oil to prevent scratching or damaging the headphone surfaces.

Replace with High-Purity Oxygen-Free Silver or Copper Cable

You will experience an improved sound quality because better conductivity cables provide increased signal integrity. Current can flow much more easily so your headphones receive greater power for a bit more volume. Even though these cables can cost more, they are a worthwhile investment if you are truly looking for ways to improve the sound quality of your headphones. The results you get to enjoy will be long-term, hence providing you with prolonged value.

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