5 Tips For Choosing The Right DJ Headphones

To put together a viable DJ setup, simply wearing iPod earbuds will not cut it. What you need is a pair of high-quality DJ headphones that are specifically designed for the sole purpose of letting your audience have a great time. If you are in the market for the right pair of DJ headphones but are overwhelmed by the large array of options, here are some tips that you can consider to help you make an informed choice.

Provide Optimal Comfort

The first and most important aspect of a good pair of DJ headphones is the level of comfort that you get to enjoy upon wearing them. You will be wearing your headphones for hours on end while performing, hence you want to make sure that they are actually providing you optimal comfort that will not have an adverse impact on your performance. A comfortable pair of headphones should feel good on your ears and those that are neither too big or too small. They should secure your ears snugly and should not chafe or catch when you hang them around your neck. You should also make sure that the lead does not dig or catch in when your head is moved.

Closed-Back Feature

Headphones that come with a closed-back feature are those that feel rather solid than those with an open casing found around the ear pieces. The closed-back feature ensures that background noises can be isolated as much as possible from what you are hearing in the headphones. This is highly vital when DJing because you need to be able to hear the next track really well to be able to cue it. With open-backed headphones, you might need to push the volume up higher which may cause potential damage to your ears.

Check Volume

For most DJ events, they are often held at loud venues. These can include clubs, gigs, and so on. A good pair of DJ headphones need to be loud enough for you to hear the beats correctly in such a loud setting. To achieve this, you need to test out the headphones where the noise level is pretty similar to a loud venue.

No Cheap Headphones

Cheap headphones are not worth buying at all in the first place. They will just be yanked and trodden on and the lead may not be well attached. You will be sweating on them profusely for hours during each DJing session and their performance can be significantly implicated.

Determine Mixing Stance

DJ headphones are often used with one ear on and one ear off. This is a basic technique for mixing with the on ear monitoring the other channel and the off ear listening to the monitor speaker. Quality DJ headphones should provide the ability for the ear pieces to spin out so you can easily have just one side on at any one time. However, this feature is not essential for every mixing stance. Some DJs place one ear piece on their shoulder while wearing the other piece on their ear.

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