5 Ways To Prevent Damage From Sweat On Your Headphone

One very common scene we observe in the gym is people exercising with headphones donned on their heads. Depending on the type of headphones used, they can be easily damaged over time if sweat seeps into the cushion of the headphones. These damages can either be rips or cracks forming around the leather cushion of the headphones, causing them to appear torn and ragged regardless of how premium the pair of headphones might be.

In addition, sweat that seeps into the cushion of headphones can also cause the headphones to develop an odor, which can be rather embarrassing. Thankfully, this does not mean that you have to give up using your headphones in the gym. Using the right type of headphones and some preventive measures can greatly lower the chances of your headphones being damaged by sweat. Read on to learn more.

How Does Sweat Damage Headphones?

First off, sweat damage must be most evident on headphones that use plastic leather as the material of choice for in-ear cushions. Unfortunately, it just so happens that most headphones in the market are made of plastic leather, which is much more affordable compared to headphones that use durable materials.

As you exercise with your headphones on, sweat lands on the leather cushion of your headphones. If left to dry, sweat seeps into the cushion, which will undoubtedly develop a funky smell over time. Finally, you will likely observe flaking and cracking on the headphones, ruining what would have been a perfectly functional headphone.

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Wiping Down Headphones after Exercise

Damage from leftover sweat is accumulated over time so one-time gym sessions usually won’t result in any noticeable damage to your headphones, but if you regularly do high-intensity workouts or tend to perspire profusely, you’ll start to see the sweat damage more obviously.

Therefore, after completing your workout session, it’s important to promptly remove any accumulated sweat from your headphones. One simple way gymgoers can remove the pooled sweat and protect their headphones from damage is by simply wiping them down each time after intense activity.

Using a dry towel, soft cloth, or tissue, gently wipe the surface of your headphones to eliminate moisture and prevent salt residue from accumulating. Remove the ear cushions and wipe down the interior of your headphones, being cautious as to not introduce moisture into sensitive areas. This way, the sweat will be removed before it can seep into the leather cushions, preventing sweat damage.

For a more thorough clean, consider using antibacterial wipes to sanitize your headphones and reduce the risk of bacterial growth. To reduce the occurrence of odors, you are also encouraged to wipe them down with a gentle soap mixture every once in a while, especially after heavy workouts.

Allow your headphones to air dry in a well-ventilated area to ensure complete evaporation of any moisture. Additionally, placing silica gel packets near your headphones can aid in absorbing excess moisture and preserving their integrity.

Replacing Your Headphone’s Cushions

If your headphone has replaceable cushions, then you can simply replace them when the old one gets worn out and smelly. This is a much more cost-efficient way as compared to buying a brand-new set of headphones.

Adding on Sweatproof Earpad Covers

Another effective way to shield your headphones from sweat damage is by using sweatproof earpad covers. These covers are designed to fit over your headphones’ existing cushions, providing an additional layer of protection against moisture. Sweatproof earpad covers are typically made from silicone or knit fabric and can be easily removed and washed after use.

Silicone covers offer superior sweat resistance and are suitable for those who tend to do intense exercises. On the other hand, knit fabric covers provide a comfortable fit and absorb sweat effectively, albeit to a lesser extent than silicone covers. Investing in sweatproof earpad covers can prolong the lifespan of your headphones and minimize the risk of sweat-related damage.

Switching to Wireless Earphones/Earbuds

While over-ear headphones offer certain advantages such as superior noise cancellation and comfort, they may not provide as much protection against sweat damage as earphones and earbuds, especially without sweatproof earpad covers. Wireless earphones and earbuds, on the other hand, lean more toward a design that withstands moisture and are ideal for individuals who engage in strenuous workouts all the time. Earbuds aren’t as susceptible to sweat damage as headphones since they don’t come with leather cushions, making them the preferred tool for exercising.

Many wireless earphones and earbuds also come with something called an IP rating, indicating their resistance to sweat and water. Moreover, some earphones and earbuds are specifically engineered to be sweatproof, making them an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts. For example, neckband-style wireless earbuds connected by a wire offer a secure fit and are great for various workout activities.

So, you can consider investing in wireless earphones and earbuds with sweat-resistant properties to enjoy optimal performance during your workouts. And if you already own a pair of wireless earphones or earbuds that won’t interrupt your gym or running session, why not use them instead?

Using the Right Headphones

Do you find that the above methods are unsuitable for you? Fret not, as mentioned previously, some headphones that don’t use plastic leather for their cushions will be much better protected against sweat damage. If you are looking for such high-quality headphones, then we recommend that you consider The Haymaker, an all-in-one headphone that can be used for any occasion including hitting intense gym activities.

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