6 Most Important DJ Equipment For Beginners

Building your first every professional DJ setup can be a daunting task especially if you are just starting out in DJing. To kick off your journey of great beat mixing, it is important to consider various components before purchasing any DJ equipment. With so many different options available in the market today, you need to make an informed decision on which equipment to spend your hard-money earned on to ensure that you get exactly what fits your skills and budget. Here is what you will need to feel confident in your first ever setup.

Different Types of DJ Setups

You can choose from a variety of DJ setups when you are first starting out. Some require less equipment and are streamlined. You can get started with just the smallest possible setup with consists of only a laptop and the right software. Getting only two turntables and a mixer are other simple options that you can start off with.

These basic setups can be upgraded either by adding a laptop with a DJ interface for extra options and effects. Adding a DJ controller to this upgraded setup will offer you with even greater flexibility for built-in sliders, turntables, pads, and other controls. For DJs who wish to work from MP3s instead of vinyl or CDs, a small kit would suffice that is made up of a laptop, an audio interface, a controller, and software.

DJ Equipment for DJ Setup

The choice of equipment combinations can differ among DJs, but a basic setup that every DJ usually has can include the following components:

  • Mixer
  • Monitor Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Turntables
  • DJ software
  • Laptop computer or vinyl records

One setup may not fit a particular style, hence it is necessary for you to mix and match the different fear to put together a setup that best work for your DJing style and musical selection. The number of DJ equipment options can be overwhelming for beginners to decide on but there are certain gear that are essential to create killer playlists to provide your audience with pure enjoyment. Below is the list of equipment for a professional setup:

  • Input Devices

At least a pair of devices is needed to put tunes together which can be in the form of CD decks or turntables.

  • Mixer

The mixer is the core part of any professional DJ setup. It enables DJs to perform various tricks and effects direct from the audio mixing console.

  • Headphones

One of the most crucial DJ accessories is a pair of quality headphones. They let the DJs listen, cue, and mix tunes with accuracy. Without headphones, the DJ will not be able to determine the right timing to play songs at the prefect rhythm.

  • Sound System

Studio monitor speakers enable the DJ to listen to their mixes with precision. Computer or bookshelf speakers can make a sound that you enjoy but they may also make certain frequencies become amplified which beginners can make it hard for beginner DJs to listen to how the mix truly sounds like.

  • Controller

If you do not use CDs or vinyl records, then a controller is an essential gear that lets you put together a viable DJ setup.

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