A Simple Guide To Cleaning Headphone Pads

Having clean headphones is a key aspect of making sure that you have the best listening experience possible. Many people neglect to clean their headphone pads or don’t ever clean them which can lead to many problems. If you use your headphones often, you want to keep them clean. By cleaning your headphone pads, you can save money while enjoy more comfortable and more hygienic use. Read on to learn more about how to clean your headphone pads!

How To Clean Your Headphones 

Here is a guide to cleaning your headphone pads: 

  • Immediate wipe down 

Straight after you take them off, you want to wipe down the headphones with a dry cloth. You can use your shirt but it is better to use a soft, microfiber cloth in your headphone case to clean your headphones with. This will help to remove any sweat and dirt buildup before it absorbs into the cushions. 

  • Weekly cleanings 

If you don’t use your headphones often, you don’t have to do this every week. You can do this cleaning after every 7 times of using it. This simply involves wetting a soft washcloth with warm soapy water. Then wipe your heaphone pads with it for a few times. Let them dry before storing away or using. 

  • Condition headphone pads occasionally 

This only applies to headphone pads that have a leather coating. You need to use a special leather conditioner. You only have to do this twice a year so the conditioner will last a long time. Simply dab some leather conditioner onto a cloth and wipe your headphone pads. Rub it into the leather. Let is absorb and dry before storing or using. Don’t do this more than two times a year or it may become moldy. 

  • Replace your headphone pads regularly 

Even with proper cleaning and storage, you have to accept it when it is time to change your headphone pads. It is easy and affordable for you to replace them. A new pair of headphone pads can even make your headphones feel brand new.

There are many benefits to keeping your headphones clean. Try out these simple strategies to help keep your headphones in good condition for a longer period of time. 

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