Can You Use DJ Headphones For Gaming?

There’s a lot of debate regarding answering the question: “Can you use DJ headphones for gaming?” The answer is yes, but there are some limitations. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes a great pair of headphones for gamers and why one might find DJ-type headphones beneficial differently than typical gaming headsets.

The Sound Quality

DJs are known for having high-quality sound, so it’s no surprise that many DJ headphones out there also offer top-notch audio. Many DJs use their headphones in loud environments where they need to hear every detail, so they won’t settle for anything less than the best sound possible. These headphones are designed to have crisp highs, mids, and deep bass.

Many DJ headphones feature a bass boost feature—since many genres of music have heavy bass elements in them (hip hop or EDM), it’s easy to get lost in your music if you don’t have enough low-end hitting your eardrums. This is why these types of cans can prove useful when gaming: if you’re playing an FPS title like Call Of Duty where explosions and gunfire make up most of what you hear while playing online matches online, then having some extra “oomph” will help bring out those sounds more clearly than ever before with other types of portable devices such as earbuds or laptop speakers!


DJ headphones are designed to be flexible. You can fold them up and put them in your bag or wear them around your neck while on the go. They also come with an extra set of earpads, so they’re easy to clean if they get sweaty.

Another thing DJ headphones have to do is that they’re over-ear headphones, which means that their cups go over your ears rather than resting on top of them like many other gaming headsets do. This gives you better sound quality and helps block outside noise so you won’t miss crucial sounds during gameplay (or during a stream).

Ability To Play Different Tracks

While playing different tracks with DJ headphones is possible, they will not have the same features as a traditional DJ setup. With that said, these headphones do offer some unique benefits that make them ideal for gaming.

For example, DJ headphones are known for their ability to play different genres of music and even different styles within each genre. This can be particularly useful if you’re playing games with multiple soundtracks, like League of Legends or Fortnite. The ability to switch between tracks is nice when playing multiplayer versions of these games because it allows everyone on your team to hear something different at any given moment in time.

Other Characteristics Of DJ Headphones That Gamers Should Look Out For

There are a few other qualities that you should take into consideration when looking for gaming headphones.

  • A detachable cable: This is important because it means you can replace the cable if it becomes damaged. Cables are particularly prone to get tangled, so this feature will help you avoid dealing with that issue.
  • A microphone: If your headphones don’t come with one, they won’t be very useful for online gaming sessions or voice calls, which are pretty standard these days!
  • An inline remote: This allows users to adjust volume and mute sound without having to go through the software. It also lets them answer calls on their phone or computer as well as control music playback from their device’s library—all without having to touch their handset or PC at all!


When you know the right things to look for, using DJ headphones can be a great option even when gaming, particularly if you have a strict budget and don’t want to invest in a headset. It’s important to ensure that your headphones have enough features and comfort so that they won’t interfere with other activities like watching movies or listening to music while playing games.

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