Beats Studio Pro
The Haymaker
Product Specification Beats Studio Pro The Haymaker
Price $349.95 $329.95
Dynamic Driver
Complete Codec Support
USB-C Charger
Time to Full Charge 3 hr 1.5 hr
>115 dB Sensitivity
Dual (2) Noise Cancelling Microphones
42 Hours Battery Life without Noise Cancelling
Active Noise Cancellation Functions While Plugged in?
DIRAC 3D Ultra High-Res Audio
7.1 Surround Sound
Water Resistant
Touchscreen controls
Purchase Supports US Small Business
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Your Best Beats Studio Pro Alternative - The Haymaker

Choosing a high-quality headset is crucial, especially when you demand the best in sound fidelity and comfort. The Beats Studio Pro is known for its stylish design and solid performance, making it a popular choice among audiophiles and casual listeners alike. However, if you’re in search of an alternative that matches or surpasses this quality, The Haymaker stands as an ideal option. 

The Haymaker not only equals the Beats Studio Pro in style and sound quality but also adds enhanced features and superior customization options. Its combination of durability, advanced technology, and exceptional audio quality makes it a standout choice. 

Continue reading to understand why The Haymaker is the best alternative to the Beats Studio Pro, offering an unmatched audio experience that caters to both audiophiles and everyday users.

The Haymaker Difference


The Haymaker is priced at $329.95, slightly less than the Beats Studio Pro at $349.95. While the price difference is not significant, The Haymaker offers a range of features that arguably provide more value for its cost, making it a more economical choice.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Both headphones offer Bluetooth connectivity, but The Haymaker has an edge with its additional 3.5mm jack, enhancing its compatibility with a broader range of devices. This feature is particularly useful for users who prefer or require wired connections, making The Haymaker more versatile in its connectivity options.

Ease of Use 

The Haymaker stands out with its touchscreen controls, which are likely to appeal to users looking for a modern and intuitive interface. This feature, while subtle, can significantly enhance the user experience, especially for tech-savvy consumers. In contrast, the Beats Studio Pro uses traditional buttons for control.

Charging Speed 

While both headphones have similar battery lives of around 40 hours, the Haymaker is able to achieve full charge with just one and a half hours which is half of the time of the Beats Studio Pro’s three hours.  On top of that, the Haymaker’s flexibility in battery usage, including its no battery usage option with the auxiliary cord, adds a level of practicality and versatility not seen in the Beats Studio Pro.

Water Resistance

If you’re looking for headphones to support you across different activities, the Haymaker has a competitive edge with water and sweat resistance. Whether you are working out in the gym or enjoying a sauna, you can be sure that your headphones will continue delivering on the crystal-clear audio.

About the Haymaker

The Haymaker by Peak Audio is a brand that offers cutting-edge products designed with consumers in mind. Gamers, musicians, travelers, working professionals, and audiophiles love the Haymaker because of their acoustic performance.

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7.1 Surround Sound

With a revolutionary eight-channel audio system, the Haymaker can produce a level of audio quality that far surpasses normal stereo headsets. For gamers, this means being able to better pinpoint distance and direction of sounds, enhancing your listening experience. This easily translates to audio entertainment purposes, such as when livestreaming concerts and performances.

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Quality Materials

The Haymaker was built to last. Constructured with premium materials, we designed the Haymaker to truly be an investment for your audio experiences. Not only can you expect top-notch listening experiences, but you can also trust that our technology is able to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. 

Active Noise Cancelling

It can be hard to fully immerse yourself in an experience if you’re constantly exposed to sounds from your surroundings. This is why we incorporated the newest active noise cancelling technology that is able to cancel out all background noise. If you’re looking for undisturbed experiences, our dual mode active noise cancelling is sure to offer a truly life changing experience.

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Surround Sound by DIRAC

The Haymaker is the only headphone custom-tuned by DIRAC, a well-known company offering digital sound solutions. Its premium 7.1 surround sound adds to the overall listening and viewing experience.

Active Noise Cancellation Feature Works
Perfectly While Plugged In

One unique advantage of The Haymaker is the ability to use active noise canceling even while the headset is plugged in via an auxiliary cord or a PC controller. Typically, headphones lose this capability when plugged in, requiring users to rely on battery power for the noise-canceling feature. The Haymaker breaks from this trend, offering 30 hours of active noise canceling while plugged in, making it a versatile choice for users who prefer or require a wired connection. This feature sets it apart from competitors, which generally do not support active noise canceling in wired mode.