Poly Voyager Focus 2
The Haymaker
Product Specification Poly Voyager Focus 2 The Haymaker
Price $199.95 $329.95
Dynamic Driver
Complete Codec Support
USB-C Charger
Time to Full Charge 2 hr 1.5 hr
>115 dB Sensitivity
Dual (2) Noise Cancelling Microphones
42 Hours Battery Life without Noise Cancelling
Active Noise Cancellation Functions While Plugged in?
RGB LED Lights
DIRAC 3D Ultra High-Res Audio
7.1 Surround Sound
Water Resistant
Touchscreen controls
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Your Best Poly Voyager Focus 2 Alternative - The Haymaker

The Poly Voyager Focus 2 is known for its reliable performance, particularly in professional environments, offering clear audio and noise-canceling features. However, if you’re seeking an alternative that offers a broader range of capabilities, The Haymaker stands out as an ideal choice. 

The Haymaker not only competes with the Poly Voyager Focus 2 in delivering clear and crisp audio but also brings additional benefits such as enhanced durability, customizable options, and advanced technology. Whether for gaming, professional use, or casual listening, The Haymaker is designed to exceed expectations. 

Continue reading to discover why The Haymaker is the best alternative to the Poly Voyager Focus 2, combining innovation, quality, and versatility to deliver a superior audio experience.

The Haymaker Difference

7.1 Surround Sound

Unlike the Poly Voyager Focus 2, the Haymaker brings audio and listening experiences to the next level with a comprehensive 7.1 Surround Sound feature. By utilizing an eight-channel surround audio system, listeners can better differentiate between the depth and direction of sounds produced, allowing for a more immersive experience.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Both headsets feature Bluetooth connectivity, but The Haymaker stands out with its additional 3.5mm jack. This feature broadens its compatibility, making it a suitable choice for various devices, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, and PC. The Poly Voyager Focus 2, though versatile, may not offer the same level of connectivity diversity.

Ease of Use 

The Haymaker is equipped with touchscreen controls, providing a modern and intuitive user interface. This contrasts with the more traditional controls of the Poly Voyager Focus 2. In leveraging the latest technology, this allows for more control and customizability without having to pull up additional devices or settings that could disrupt your experience.

Battery Life 

The Haymaker offers a battery life ranging from 12 to 43 hours, depending on usage, and boasts a quick charge time of 1.5 hours. In comparison, the Poly Voyager Focus 2 offers up to 25 hours of battery life with ANC off (20 hours with ANC on) and requires 2 hours to charge fully. The Haymaker’s superior battery life and faster charging time give it an edge in terms of convenience and practicality.

Active Noise Cancelling

When it comes to active noise cancelling, the Haymaker is one of the best on the market. Offering this option in both wireless and wired mode, as well as with the microphone, allows the user to be protected from any intrusive sounds in the environment. Not only does this reduce distractions, but this also means that you can trust in headphones for a true-to-life experience.

About the Haymaker

The Haymaker by Peak Audio is a brand that offers cutting-edge products designed with consumers in mind. Gamers, musicians, travelers, working professionals, and audiophiles love the Haymaker because of their acoustic performance.

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An All-Around headphone

The Haymaker is designed to be a headphone that carries across multiple contexts with its versatility for different platforms, water resistance, and ability to connect both in both wireless and wired formats. You can trust that the Haymaker will be a convenient companion regardless of your lifestyle choices.

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RGB Lights

Everyone has their own aesthetic and style. We ensure that no one has to compromise their style for high quality audio by incorporating RGB lights into the headphone design, allowing for users to switch between eight different color modes that best complement their style of the day.

Durable Materials

From the first moment you pick up the Haymaker, you can feel the difference with our choice of premium materials. This means that each component is built to withstand long-term use, but also maintain its aesthetic over time without appearing dirty, scratched or broken.

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Surround Sound by DIRAC

The Haymaker is the only headphone custom-tuned by DIRAC, a well-known company offering digital sound solutions. Its premium 7.1 surround sound adds to the overall listening and viewing experience.

Active Noise Cancellation Feature Works
Perfectly While Plugged In

One unique advantage of The Haymaker is the ability to use active noise canceling even while the headset is plugged in via an auxiliary cord or a PC controller. Typically, headphones lose this capability when plugged in, requiring users to rely on battery power for the noise-canceling feature. The Haymaker breaks from this trend, offering 30 hours of active noise canceling while plugged in, making it a versatile choice for users who prefer or require a wired connection. This feature sets it apart from competitors, which generally do not support active noise canceling in wired mode.