SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro
The Haymaker
Product Specification Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro The Haymaker
Price $349.99 $329.95
Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth 5.0 & Wireless 2.4 Ghz Connectivity
USB-C Charger
Time to Full Charge 3 hr 1.5 hr
>115 dB Sensitivity
Dual (2) Noise Cancelling Microphones
>25 Hours Battery Life with Noise Canceling
>40 Hours Of Battery Life without Noise Cancelling
Noise Cancellation Functions when Plugged In 30 hr
DIRAC 3D Ultra High-Res Audio
7.1 Surround Sound
Water Resistant
Touchscreen Controls
Purchase Supports US Small Business
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A good gaming headset is essential for any player, especially for those who are streaming. They can make a difference, enhancing the streaming experience and helping you deliver better content to your audience. Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro is among the popular choices for gaming headphones today. However, because of its price tag, gamers are looking for other options that can provide a better gaming experience without breaking the bank. 

The Haymaker Difference


The Haymaker is slightly more affordable than the SteelSeries Acrtis Nova Pro. But considering the number of features it has, it’s a more attractive option.

Connectivity And Compatibility

This headset has Bluetooth 5.0 and Wireless 2.4 GHz Connectivity. It is designed to work seamlessly with gaming consoles, including PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, mobile, and PC. This compatibility ensures you can easily integrate your headset into your game and stream without technical issues.

Ease Of Use

The Haymaker is a modern gaming headset with touchscreen controls, making it easier for you to set the volume levels and adjust color features.

Battery Life

Compared to SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro, The Haymaker can last longer on a single charge. It has a 26-hour battery life with its noise cancelling turned on and a 46-hour battery life without it. Charging will only take about 1.5 hours

An All-Around Headphone

If you are done with your game and would like to go for a run or just relax by listening to music, you can still use these mighty headphones. It’s an all-around headset for gamers, fitness enthusiasts, musicians, and more. In fact, they are also designed to be water-resistant. You can listen to your jam in the sauna or even while snowboarding.

Comfortable Fit

Streaming can often involve extended gaming and broadcasting sessions. The Haymaker is a comfortable gaming headset that allows you to wear it for hours without discomfort. It reduces the risk of fatigue and ensures that you can maintain your focus and energy throughout your stream.

About the Haymaker

The Haymaker by Peak Audio is a brand that offers cutting-edge products designed with consumers in mind. Gamers, musicians, travelers, working professionals, and audiophiles love the Haymaker because of their acoustic performance.

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Best Gaming Headset

The Haymaker products are compatible with PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, and PCs. They are also great for mobile games for Android and iPhone.

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Stylish RGB Lighting

The Haymaker’s RGB lighting and sleek designs enhance the visual appeal of your stream and help you create your desired mood for gaming.

Dual Mode Active Noise Canceling

With this feature, you can focus more on listening to music, playing console games, and watching movies without audible distractions. Dual mode means that noise cancelling can be switched off.

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Surround Sound by DIRAC

The Haymaker is the only headphone custom-tuned by DIRAC, a well-known company offering digital sound solutions. Its premium 7.1 surround sound adds to the overall listening and viewing experience.

Active Noise Cancellation Feature Works
Perfectly While Plugged In

One unique advantage of The Haymaker is the ability to use active noise canceling even while the headset is plugged in via an auxiliary cord or a PC controller. Typically, headphones lose this capability when plugged in, requiring users to rely on battery power for the noise-canceling feature. The Haymaker breaks from this trend, offering 30 hours of active noise canceling while plugged in, making it a versatile choice for users who prefer or require a wired connection. This feature sets it apart from competitors, which generally do not support active noise canceling in wired mode.