How To Get Rid Of Annoying Static Noises In Headphones

Sometimes when listening to music or watching videos you will hear static in headphones. There are a number of things which can cause this, and below are some solutions to this irritating problem.

Where Does The Static Come From?

Static usually comes from the wiring which may have become damaged or worn. The connection is weakest near the 3.5 mm sound jack, and if you accidentally tug near the spot just beneath its plastic casing, this will cause additional stress within the wires that can cause them to become damaged and produce the static sound. This is why when unplugging your headphones you should always grab and pull the sound jack itself rather than the wire.

Interference From Other Devices

Those that use wireless headsets are more vulnerable to hearing static due to the potential interference that can come from other wireless devices in the environment.

Check your surroundings to make sure no barriers exist between the audio device and Bluetooth headset. Be on the lookout for things such as metallic objects, radios, smartphones or extra headsets which can interfere with and degrade the sound quality.

Debris and Dust

When too much dust or debris enters a headphone jack, it can stop the plug from making a proper connection. Take a flashlight and look inside your jack to ensure it isn’t clogged up with dust. If it is, rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab is the best way to clean it.


Headphone jacks or plugs are also susceptible to corrosion which can cause differences in size. Corrosion is the result of moisture exposure and should the jack or plug display discoloration or rust, this means that it is quite damaged and you may want to consider purchasing a new headset.

If you’d rather keep your existing headphones and repair them instead, this can be done by taking an interdental toothbrush and then dipping it inside a seventy percent isopropyl alcohol solution and after drying it slightly place the brush within the headphone while the device is turned off to move it around, then wait about sixty minutes for it to dry.

Manually Adjust Your Headphone Pin

If your headphone pin is misaligned, it is possible to do a bit of maintenance to manually adjust it. This can be done by taking a slim piece of aluminum and then wrapping it around the headphone plug’s base until it becomes thick enough to fit within the audio jack.

Incorrect Audio Settings

If your headphones are brand new or you purchased them recently, the static may be caused by incorrect audio settings. The exact method you must use to adjust the settings for your audio will depend on the operating system you’re using such as Windows or Linux, as well as the version. But experimenting with the different audio settings is one of the best ways to resolve issues involving static.

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