On Ear Vs. Over Ear Headphones: Which To Choose?

For anyone who is in the market for a brand new pair of headphones, you can be spoilt for choice at the many different models and categories that are now available on the market. One of the key distinctions that can help you rule out many different models is whether or not you prefer on ear headphones or over ear styles.

On ear headphones feature smaller earpads that will fit on top of your ears whereas over ear headphones will have significantly larger earpads that envelope and cover your entire ear. This might seem like a small matter considering that they are both, at the end of the day, still ear cups. However, this small distinction on how they sit on your ears can play a significant role in the different features and audio quality.

Which Type of Headphones Sound Better?

The most important part of getting any headphone is which one will sound the best. After all, it will not matter which style it is if your final choice is unable to provide an immersive soundstage. Fortunately (or unfortunately), both on ear and over ear headphones can provide the same high quality of sound. In fact, many on ear and over ear styles share the same components like drivers with custom tunings or modern Bluetooth chips that support connectivity and energy efficiency.

One main difference is that over ear headphones will be able to create a more immersive listening experience. This is because by covering the ears, it is able to block out and create better surround sound.

Which Type of Headphones Feels More Comfortable?

This will be one of the largest contenders when it comes to differentiating between the two types of headphones. Many people have the misconception that on ear headphones can hurt after awhile because they are constantly compressing your ears. However, this will differ on the preferences of each individual.

What makes a more significant difference is that there is a weight difference between the two styles. On ear headphones will tend to be lighter than the over ear styles. This is largely because over ear styles attempt to accommodate more hardware to offer more features. This added weight can provide to be more straining and discomforting over long periods of time.

One last difference that may play a part is that while on ear models will be able to fit majority of people, over ear models may not fit every individual. This will depend on the size of your ears and how they compare to the average size of the population.

Get The Best Headphones With The Haymaker

At the end of the day, the best headphones boils down to the product design and technology chosen by the designers. Here at Haymaker, our team is firmly dedicated to creating headphones that you will love. Whether you are a traveler that is constantly in noisy environments, a music enthusiast that wants crisp notes, a competitive gamer, or just a working professional looking for audio solutions in the office, our product is designed to meet all of your unique needs.

This is entirely because our product was designed with you, the consumers in mind. This is another reason why our all Haymakers will also feature a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Our experienced tech support has had many years of experience designing and building headphones and will be glad to taka a look if your headphones are defective or require any form of repair. If it is a manufacturer issues, we will gladly replace your product at no cost to you.

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