PR Outreach and Marketing Initiatives: Haymaker Headphones

Haymaker tasked Crone PR with driving awareness for our flagship headphones between January to July 2022. Crone PR executed a series of initiatives during this period, which included a draft of press materials such as creative pitches and fact sheets, the latter of which was distributed through interviews and newswires. Crone also conducted aggressive outreach, gaining support and interest from media, Youtubers and influencers whose audience niche included consumer technology and lifestyle. Crone PR also conducted a news bureau program which leveraged key dates on the calendar such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and National Video Game Day. Through these series of initiatives, Crone PR was able to reach not only seasoned consumers with a finger on the tech pulse, but also new audiences, diversifying Haymaker’s consumer pool.

Crone PR delivered impressive results from these initiatives. Over 780 placements were made through various forms of media, resulting in 280, 733, 792 impressions and reaping $14, 039, 823 in media value. Placements for Haymaker’s flagship headphones were made in media giants such as Rolling Stone. They also were included in industry tastemakers such as TechHive and the gadgeteer. A wire release was announced through a variety of channels, which included the likes of MORNINGSTAR, AP, yahoo! Finance and News Channel 8. Releases were bold and incisive, informative without being bogged down in jargon. They were designed to reach out to as wide an audience as possible while retaining interest points that would attract seasoned consumers and technology lifestyle afficionados.

Crone PR also engaged YouTubers, who gave encouraging reviews of Haymaker headphones. Crone PR sponsored the YouTuber Khanflicks, whose niche is unboxing videos/reviews on the latest in the world of technology, robotics and toys. Khanflicks, who has 879, 000 subscribers, garnered 6, 200 views on his video on the Haymaker headphones, which he described as “the future of headphones” and “the one-stop shop headphones”. Other YouTubers provided similar reviews.

The highlights of the media outreach program include rundowns and reviews in outlets such as AG, ActiveGear Review, Rolling Stone, FashionsWeek, Gearbrain, The San Diego Union Tribune and more. The Haymaker Headphones were featured in best-of gift lists, tech release rundowns, reviews and recommendations. Through engaging tech-specific channels such as Gearbrain, the releases were able to reach consumers who make it their business to keep up with the latest news and releases in the tech world. Engagement with channels such as FashionsWeek and The San Diego Tribute (as well as other location-specific news media including The Charlotte Gazette and The Washington City Paper) allowed Haymaker to diversify its pool of potential consumers. Crone PR was also able to clinch placements in reputable outlets with an immense audience, such as Rolling Stone and American Press.

Haymaker is pleased to have worked with Crone PR on the release of our innovative, groundbreaking headphones. A diverse and driven outreach program has garnered wide-reaching results over a range of channels, media and platforms. The Haymaker headphones have received stellar reception, not just from industry-specific channels, but media as a whole.

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