The Advantages Of Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

With headphone jacks slowly being removed from many of our common everyday devices, it seems like a no-brainer to switch over to wireless options or scramble to switch between different port adaptors. When it comes to wireless options, one of the top options are Bluetooth headsets since most smart devices have support for Bluetooth 5.

There may seem like a lot of technicalities and jargon to understand in order to figure out which works best and what difference does it make. This is why our team here at Haymakers has compiled a simple guide as to the different advantages of owning a set of Bluetooth 5.0 headphones.

Bluetooth Low-Energy

Bluetooth Low-Energy, otherwise known as BLE, was introduced with Bluetooth 4 and it was designed to address the issue of limited battery lives in our devices. While this will not necessarily make much of a difference to your phone, it is definitely a large consideration when it comes to using wireless devices like wearables and headphones where we will bring around in our daily life.

With Bluetooth 5, any audio device that you use will communicate over BLE which will make tangible difference to your headphones, allowing you to use it for longer in between charges.

Bluetooth Dual Audio

One of the best parts of Bluetooth is its ability to connect to multiple audio devices at once. This means that you can connect to both your phone and your laptop or other devices at the same time. What this means is that you are also able to connect to both a set of headphones and a speaker as well. All audio devices like speakers and headphones will be able to enjoy this perk.

However, this is something that will be unique to Bluetooth devices that you simply cannot do with wired headphones. Having that freedom and mobility to switch between your different devices will allow you to seamlessly transition into different states throughout your day without having to worry about connectivity or convoluted settings.

Stronger, Faster, and Better

With wireless headphones, one of the drawbacks has always been connectivity when compared to wired headsets. However, with the introduction of Bluetooth 5 and any other updates, you can be sure that the speed, bandwidth, and range will all increase. This means that you will experience less lag and less disconnections with you are using your wireless headphones.

Get The Best Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones with The Haymaker

Ultimately, there is more that goes into a quality set of headphones other than the connection type. Here at Haymaker, we firmly believe in designing our products with the consumer in mind. This means taking into account what our audience wants, needs, and will require in the future. Whether you are constantly traveling, a working professional, a music enthusiast, or a competitive gamer, we have sourced the best of cutting edge technology in order to produce headphones that will suit your unique needs.

For more information about the Haymaker and its specifications, contact our friendly team members today.

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