Top 5 Characteristics Of Good DJ Headphones

Even the most experienced DJs may find it daunting to pick out a set of good DJ headphones that will truly last simply because there are too many options available in the market today. First and foremost, the market is often saturated with headphones that are poorly made but they still look and claim to play the part. However, they are most likely to break after heavy use. There are also those quality headphones that are well-built but they are designed for casual listening and not suitable for DJing which is often done in a challenging setting. So, here are the top characteristics to look out for when searching for a good pair of DJ headphones.

Things to Look for When Shopping for DJ Headphones

  • Noise Isolation

For headphones that lack good noise isolation, you may find yourself cranking them up on the mixer to achieve a higher volume. This may block out the sound coming out from the booth monitors or speakers but you have a high risk of causing damage to your ears in the long run. Make sure to get headphones that can efficiently block out external noise to save your hearing.

  • Accurate Sound and Sufficient Bass

Headphones that can produce accurate sound are essential for tight mixing. Nobody wants a set of trainwrecks regardless of how well-programmed your setup is. Sufficient bass is another important component of good headphones but remember that some models may only produce that after you have had a bit of regular use.

  • Solid Build and Great Comfort

Durability is an important aspect of any product that you purchase. However, it is an even more essential factor to consider when buying DJ equipment. You do not want your headphones to fail mid-set and having to witness your headphones breaking in two. There are models that come with headbands that are flexible to prevent this and there are also others that are a little stiffer. Hence, it is important to ensure that your headphones are durable enough for prolonged use while also providing you with optimal comfort that does not hurt your ears.

  • Coiled or Straight

This option depends on your personal preferences. Most DJs go for the coiled headphone lead as opposed to the straight option. The springy coil lets you move around without having to worry over accidentally yanking out the cable from the mixer. A straight lead is more suitable for everyday use as the coil is much shorter in length. Having said that, it is a much better option if you are able to get both types of cables with your headphones to use according to the setting.

  • Movable / Spinning Earcups

Some DJs spin their earcup to the other side to monitor their mixing. This makes it important for them to get earcups that are movable from one side to the other. This will provide a lot more comfort as compared to non-spinning earcups that need to be rested on the shoulder. Movable earcups also can be folded much easier for secure storage.

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