Unboxing Haymakers 

Unboxing Haymakers to present to you our matt black box cover design. In it is our oval shaped headphone case. There are 2 pockets in the case, one on top and one at the bottom. The top pocket consists of an USB-C Cable and Auxiliary cable whereas the bottom pocket has PC controller and carabiner. As the bottom pocket is built for a charge pack, it has a rubber grommet that can feed wires through it, allowing you to charge your headphone with the charge pack while in the case. This is a large pocket, about the whole length of the case, so it can fit almost any charge pack. The top pocket is also designed to fit all cables easily. Sitting in the center of our headphone case is our beautiful high quality Bluetooth headphone set. 

What else is included? Extra memory foam speaker pads, one set of synthetic leather for music, and one set of perforated cloth for gaming. Each cup is held on with industrial strength magnets. The headphone has premium finishes like laser etched carbon fiber and UV clear coating for extreme durability. 

To power on lights, you can head on to the right logo. Place your finger on the center of the logo and hold until the lights are turned on. Follow the same procedure to turn off.

On the left frame edge, locate the 3-position switch. This is the power switch for active noise cancelling on and off. For the 3-position switch, the 1st position is off, 2nd position is BT (Bluetooth) on and the 3rd position is ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) on.  

Why Buy Haymaker? 

Some of the unique things about Haymaker’s products is that they are extremely durable, built to withstand any harsh conditions and abuse. Reason being it is made of the strongest plastic and other strong materials such as stainless steel, and tough synthetic leather, making the headphone set tough and durable. Each cup is held on with industrial strength magnets and premium finishes like laser etched carbon fiber and UV clear coating for extreme durability. The headphone set has a gloss black coating. You can switch between all 8 color options of the lights on the logo just by simply swiping across the logo from front to back or back to front. 

We are also releasing an app. There are free features on the apps and premium features for $19.99/month. With the premium features, you will be able to build your own color, save profiles for their color and send them directly to your headphones. You can also change the modes and the intensity of the light, all from your mobile device. 

Another cool feature that our headphones have is that they are IP45 water resistance. This means that you can stand in the shower while listening to your headphone! How cool is that! Do note that, however, you should not submerge in the water with your headphones on. 

Haymaker Gaming 

Haymaker is compatible with every console and PC for gaming. Beyond just having cool lights inside the headphone, the headphone is compatible to all gaming devices such as PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, Mobile and PC. On top of that, the product has realistic 3D sound, DIRAC and UHD 7.1 Surround Sound. Changing the speaker cups is very easy as well. Our cups are held on with industrial strength magnets that can be pulled straight off easily. The cups are labelled R/L. It is impossible to install the cups wrongly as they only fit one way. 

The headphone connects to the consoles and PC the same way as any other Bluetooth gaming headphones. For XBOX and PS4, you can plug in the auxiliary cord to the headphone then into the console controller. If you are using a PC, you can plug the auxiliary cord into the headphone then USB to the back of the PC. If you are using Switch, just pair using Bluetooth. 

Haymaker Case 

This case is designed to be everything you need, no matter what you use it for – gaming, for music, for talking on the phone, for office space or in the gym. The hard case has 2 pockets, one on top and one on the bottom. For the bottom pocket, it is designed for use of charge pack. There is also a rubber grommet to feed wires through it. The bottom pocket is the full length of the case so that you can stick any charging pack inside the case and then charge your headphones through the rubber grommet. We also offer a charge pack that is designed specifically for the case, costing around USD$40. 

The top pocket is designed to fit all your cables. There is also a special location in the lower part of the case for extra speaker pads. These speaker pads have perforated cloth and high-density memory foam that is good for gaming and hearing outside of your headphone. The synthetic leather is better for music and noise isolation, giving you high sound quality.  

Pairing Haymakers 

The right logo is the control for lights. For a quick reference, you can feel along the frame of the headphone. If you cannot feel a switch, that is the right side of the headphone. To power your lights on and off, hold your finger on the center of the logo until it powers lights on/off. No pressure is needed, you just need to place your finger on the logo. The lights are independent from your game or music. 

Changing colors is very easy as you just need to simply swipe across the logo from front to back or back to front. There are 8 colors on the headphone. There are 4 different modes – Static, Flash, Breathe and Cycle. Each mode is controlled with vertical swipes across the center of the logo. You can switch colors or modes at any time you want. To turn it off, you can just follow the same procedure and press the logo in the center.