Wired Vs. Wireless Gaming Headphones: What’s The Difference?

There are so many options out on the market right now for gaming headphones – but the easiest way that you cut start to cut down on your top picks is to decide whether you would prefer wired or wireless gaming headphones. As aux-in sockets are slowly being removed from everyday devices like phones, laptops, and tablets, it can be tempting to just settle for wireless headphones. However, there are many benefits to both types that we will explore more on in this article.

Sound Quality

Arguably, the most important factor to choosing a gaming headphone is the sound quality that it can produce. It really wouldn’t matter whether it is wireless or wired if you cannot hear anything from your game after all. However, whether or not a headphone is wired, or wireless will not make a significant difference on the sound quality of the headphone. This is largely dependent on the quality of the drivers and the audio systems that are offered by your headphone model.

Sound Interference

Another thing to consider is the constancy, or rather, the connectivity of your headphones. It is important that your audio is not constantly broken or interrupted when you are in the middle of your matches. For most wireless headphones, they will use either Bluetooth or other wireless technology to transmit the sound from your gaming device over to your headset. Whether you choose to use Bluetooth or other wireless technologies will depend on your priorities – whether you prefer stable long-distance connections or better audio quality.

However, if you plan to bring your gaming headphones out and about as part of a portable gaming setup or as your preferred daily headset, wires will definitely prove to be a bigger hassle and easier to snag onto items that you brush onto. This is especially so with storage options where they may get tangled.

Battery Life

Battery life is a very big consideration when it comes to wireless headphones. Unlike wired headphones, you will have to factor in charging time and a reasonable playing time due to the lifespan of your headphones’ battery. In most cases, the higher the quality you want your audio, the lower the battery life will be. This means that you have to be constantly monitoring the battery levels of your headphones when gaming to make sure that they will empty out mid-way through your gaming session.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds with The Haymaker

Even with these considerations listed out, it might be hard to choose between the two categories. After all, there are many other factors like sound quality, materials used, special features and even design that will play a part. With the Haymaker’s trademark headphones, you can get the best of both worlds. Presented as a wireless headset, it also comes with additional wires that you can use to connect to the device of your choice for better connectivity. Everything can be packed nicely into an accompanying storage case that will allow you to store each cable to reduce tangling and damage.

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