Left Or Right Headphone Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

How can you fix headphones with the sound only coming from one ear? This is the most common fault on a pair of audio headphones. If you own an expensive pair of headphones, buying a new one may not be the best option. You can choose to fix it yourself. Read on to learn more about how to fix your headphones!

Why Does This Happen? 

There can be many reasons why this happens. The most common one is that the wires near the audio jack have been bent about multiple times which causes a short in the wiring. To fix this yourself, you need some tools and materials that are available at the local electronic store. 

Headphones Easy Fix 

If you twist the wire on the headphones, the sound may work for a while. This will tell you where the wire has shorted out. For a quick fix, you just have to apply electrical tape to the wire where it was working after bending it. This will hold the wires together and create a temporary fix for sound to come out of both sides. 

To fix it permanently, you can follow the steps listed below: 

  • The first thing to do is to plug the headphones into an audio source.
  • While audio is playing, move the wire and bend it every half an inch to find out where the wires have shorted out.
  • When you hear sound in both ears, you have found the right spot.
  • Isolate this area by sticking masking tape onto the left and right of the short.
  • Use wire cutters and cut out the shorted area of the wire.
  • Using a pair of wire strippers, strip back the wire shielding on the both sides in order to expose the wires.
  • Then, you need to strip the wires to reconnect them.
  • Strip each wire using wire strippers. If the wire is small, you may need to use sandpaper.
  • Once the wires are exposed, you can reconnect the wires using a solder gun or any splicing method. 
  • Test the headphones to check that it is working properly. 
  • Once everything is working, place shrink tubing or electrical tape over the repaired area to protect it. 

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