How To Quickly Fix Bluetooth Headphones That Won’t Connect

Bluetooth has become extremely popular, as the wireless technology allows people to use and pair their headphones without having to be physically connected or worry about short circuits in cables. However, there are times when Bluetooth headphones won’t connect and below are some suggestions to fix headphones that won’t connect.

Make Sure Your Bluetooth is Activated

Bluetooth isn’t always turned on, but when it is the symbol should show on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Learn how to find it on your device to ensure it is activated.

Use The Discoverable Mode

Discoverable Mode is used to pair dual Bluetooth devices. To activate it, you’ll want to:

  • Select “Bluetooth” within the settings of your smartphone or computer and make sure its activated.
  • Check your other device to ensure its Bluetooth is on. This includes the infotainment system of most automobiles.
  • Once your smartphone’s number is identified, the system might request the numerical code so the pairing can complete successfully. This is a security feature, so you’ll want to have it on hand.

Make Sure Both Devices are Charged

The majority of Bluetooth devices use some type of battery, usually Lithium Ion. If the battery level becomes too low the Bluetooth might be set to turn itself off automatically. Therefore, always make sure both devices are fully charged before attempting to pair them.

Delete Then Reconnect The Device

There are times when your Bluetooth headphones will work one moment, and then stop working the next. One of the best solutions is to temporarily delete the device under Bluetooth, then reconnect it. 

For Android based devices:

  • Look under Settings.
  • Find the name of the device.
  • Then select Unpair.

For IOS based Devices

  • Look under Settings.
  • Click on the name of your device.
  • Choose Forget this Device.

Turn Off Sources of Interference

It isn’t unusual for people to own multiple computers and electronics devices these days, and the trouble is that sometimes they will interfere with the Bluetooth signal. 

For example, some external speakers will retain a pairing configuration with specific devices, and will interfere with others, preventing them from working. To prevent this you’ll want to:

  • Deactivate other Bluetooth devices in the environment so yours can be discovered.
  • Temporarily remove the speakers from the smartphone Settings.

It should also be noted that newer computers are using USB 3.0, which has been known to cause interference issues with Bluetooth, so if you notice you’re having difficulty pairing moving the headphones devices away from the computer might fix it. 

Additionally, wifi technology is similar to Bluetooth and if your device is close to the wifi router interference might also occur.

Make Sure The Headphones Aren’t Too Far Away

Bluetooth devices have to be within a certain distance to the source in order to connect correctly. Depending on which brand of headphones you own, the maximum distance you can move away is about four to five feet. Anything beyond this will cause connection loss.

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