Are Bluetooth Headphones Really Safe?

Bluetooth technology has been around for a long time. There are also some myths about the wireless connection that has lasted for so long as well. First of all, people are fearful that Bluetooth headphones are harmful or even cause illness. There is a need to get to the bottom of this myth. Read on to learn more about whether Bluetooth headphones are really safe!

How Does Bluetooth Work? 

Bluetooth is an essential and ubiquitous radio standard along with wifi. It is found in many devices across all manufacturers. If you connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker, these two devices can communicate through high-frequency electromagnetic fields. This is how “Bluetooth radiation” is generated. These devices wirelessly exchange information through this stable connection and it is usually only done over short distances. 

Is Bluetooth Radiation Now Harmful? 

In our daily lives, we are constantly surrounded by electrical radiation, which is also known as electrosmog. Bluetooth definitely adds to this as well. However, the radiation that is given off by conventional Bluetooth devices is actually very low. It is a lot less than the radiation which is emitted by a wifi router or a smartphone.

How High Is The Radiation? 

You can check the SAR values for certain smartphones at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. For example, the Huawei P30 has an SAR value of 0.33 at ear and 0.85 at body. The Apple iPhone 11 has an SAR value of 0.95 at ear and 0.99 at body. The Apple Airpods has a Class 1 transmission power, therefore a high range and also a SAR value that is similar to that of smartphones. But it is still below the limit of 2 watts. Many other Bluetooth headphones are considered transmission class 2 or 3 so they have much lower values. 

Bluetooth Headphones Are Not Dangerous

As seen, all the other devices operate in a harmless zone. Bluetooth devices with transmission classes of 2 and 3 are always below the recommended maximum values because of the low transmission power. Even the Federal Office for Radiation Protection has given the all-clear. If you use Bluetooth headphones instead of your mobile phone, you are actually doing yourself a huge favor. So, consider getting yourself a pair of Bluetooth headphones today!

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